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Check "Behavioral model of segmented current-steering dac by using SIMULINK" in IEEE Cheers
hi,all In multi-bit ΣΔ modulator, how to model the dac capacitor mismatch in SIMULINK, and investigate the validity of DEM. Someone explain this for me is very grateful!
First, i want to know how you can simulate and measure the INL and DNL of dac. If you use the behavior model, i think the INL and DNL can get, otherwise , i think the result is doublt. The INL and DNL of dac is static parameter, only the chip is fabricated, the parameter is meanful. They charactize the mismatch of (...)
Hi yen, Can you tell me to measure INL and DNL method of dac on HSPICE tools? I'm design the Cruuent-steering dac, but, I'm not understanding to measure INL and DNL performance. Thank you very much!