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Why digital pots come with low resolution? Can they not implement R-2R ladder as in dac to improve their resolution?
What is output impedance Vout voltage output on DDS AD9833? I do not find this information in is high impedance current and is internal loader 200 Ohm resistor, but missing information about output current dac. I need this information for precise calculating output LPF and may be , use external load for fine tuning output voltag
I tried to design R2R dac structure at in my circuit. In my thought R2R dac is more area effective dac than conventional R-String dac. However, R2R dac has some disadvantages. 1. VCR Issue - In CMOS process, poly-silicon resistor or diffusion resistor has (...)
Dear all, I have designed a 8 bits dac with folded R-string structure. however, I notice that the output INL linearity degraded as shown in the picture I check one of the settling time of the code
LM7912 regulator output is setting down to zero after the current is drawn by the load. Here I am attaching power supply circuit and dac circuit. My project is the sensor from the field will give 8 to 48 mA output and which is read by the ADC. After it will be taken to the microcontroller and it will be sent to dac and the output of the dac
I have a circuit that drives a VGA monitor using a simple 4-bit (per color) resistor dac. This works well, colors look great, image is stable, etc. However, I also see circuits in datasheets (like the typical use schematic from AD725) or on other boards that use buffer ICs or discrete transistor amp circuits. How do I know if I should be using s
i have a vfd drive that accepts 0-10v analog voltage for speed control i am having a dac connected to pic micro it outputs 0-3.3v analog signal using op amp i am converting to 10v signal my doubt is can i add a series 1k resistor between the op amp output and vfd input will there be any issue. how much current that the vfd analog input consum
Hi all, I am designing a programmable inverting smps. the output of the smps will vary between o to -10V. i chose this circuit (two OPAMP and dac and Vref for varying my output) 118172 but if i use this circuit, it is necessary to have negative supply for the second OPAMP. Is it possible to return this programmab
In case where no volume control is required it can be done by connecting Gate of MOSFET to PWM o/p pin through resistor, Source to speaker and Drain to Vcc. Really? Looks like a very limited audio dac and amplifier design. Does your speaker tolerate DC current? Which pwm frequency? How many bits resolution? You can of course cont
Sir/Madam, I am using a dac on stratix board to generate a triangular waveform. Actually the dac in stratix board is dac904. I have gone through its datasheet. I hav designed as clock to dac is 100MHz and the input to 14 bit dac is an up/down counter of 10MHz. But i get only a peak to peak (...)
in the old days I used an HP 16 chan. reed relay with custom resistors to make a dac for a floating remote control to Lambda power supplies far away. They were programmed in something like 200 Ohms per Volt. Check the manual but it looks to be around 0.5 deg C per Ohm for both Set the minimum value such as 18C and max 26C and then a 4 bit latc
Note: The wiper value will not underflow. That is, once the wiper value equals 0x00, subsequent decrement commands are ignored. Why not use a simple dac?
hi all i am working with dac 0808 i have implemented the circuit given in the datasheet (circuit schematics is attached)108209 i have changed the positive vref to +12v and vee to -12v and capacitor bypass to ground on positive vref ,rest circuit is same, the problem is after giving power to the system IC 0808 get heated ,
Hi guys. i design r-2r ladder dac semilar this schematic for design signal generator. i use ARM GPIO port to connect to r-2r dac. i design 10bit r-2r ladder network. when i want to build ramp signal output is not equal ramp signal 107928 ramp code is: for (x=0;x<1023;x++) { GPIOA->ODR=x; } when
I designed a transistor based amp to amplify a FM stereo multiplex signal. The transistor amp was correctly biased and could amplify the signal from 500mV to 4.5V. I observe this amplification using oscilloscope. Then I was hoping to do digitally DE-multiplex the signal using DSP. After several trials I found that some thing is wrong and try to con
You want to make a PGA, so you'll use the first schematic. I presume you understand the basic difference in transfer characteristic between PGA and regular multiplying dac operation? PGA Vout = -Vin*c/dacWORD regular dac Vout = -Vin*dacWORD/c Regarding R2, it's complementary to R1 that allows a gain fine tuning (...)
hi I decide to using AD5433 dac to produce a positive signal but my problem is when using this D2A in Unipolar configuration output signal will be negative of the reference voltage. I have only +12V rail in my circuit . How can i use this D2A for producing positive signals ? Thanks for your support.
We are using an external reference for our micro (for the ADC and dac) Table 35-33 (page 719) of the SAM3N00B datasheet appears to say that the current drawn from the ADVREF pin by the micro's ADC module is 250uA. Is this correct? If it really is that much then that means the micro's external voltage reference circuitry (based around a TLV43
I'm not sure what you mean... do you need to generate random values? And what's the dac meant to be used for?
in an 8 bit current steering dac, you first determine what your lsb voltage is, you then decide what current you want to be responsible for that voltage. This will determine the resistor you use. you then design stamps of current mirrors across increasing the width of the device by a factor of 2(usually done by adding devices in parallel). also it