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I produce a rectified sine wave 1Vpp 100Hz using a PIC + dac 12bits. I would like to smooth the line by applying a filter. What filter do you suggest? 135668
Hello everyone, I want to generate a sine wave signal from AMC7812 dac 24bit device. I am giving inputs to dac through spi code. To wake this device up "6B 7F FE" code must be sent and further data serially. I am able to write only one time to 24 bit register of dac. That is device is up when I send (...)
Hello I am having trouble using a microcontroller(msp430g2553 Launchpad) and dac to create a system capable of generating a sine wave, where the frequency is selectable using a pushbutton and the output frequency of the sine wave is selectable between the two following frequencies 180Hz and 400Hz. not (...)
Hi seniors, I am using dac of Microcontroller (SAM4S 32-bit) to generate sine wave, my problem is that the output sine wave have offset about 500mV that i do not want and there may be another way to adjust it. but can i adjust the offset by using op amp? sine wave is (...)
Hi everyone , i want to generate sine wave 50hz with bult-in dac module with PIC18f25k22 .This is my code in MikroC : void InitTimer0(){ T0CON = 0xC1; TMR0L = 0x24; GIE_bit = 1; TMR0IE_bit = 1; } void Interrupt(){ if (TMR0IF_bit){ TMR0IF_bit = 0; TMR0L = 0x24;
Yes it is possible. If you want 100% amplitude keying, use the TRIS bit to make the pin an input or output. Input mode will generate no signal, output mode will generate 100% signal. If you want less than 100% modulation there are several ways to do it: 1. If the PIC has a dac, you can use it as a programmable potentiometer. 2. You can use a pin
Do you know how a microcontroller or a cpu for that matter generates a sine wave? Well, fpga do the exact same thing. You may want to look up Direct Digital Synthesis and dac.
If the 8-bit sine wave has a higher sample rate than you want for the 12-bit dac, more bits can be created with filtering.
If we assume that the dac will be 14bit, would there be any difference in the spectral purity of a 10kHz sine wave if a DDS with a 400MHz clock was compared to a DDS with a 1GHz clock? Assume that all other parameters are the same. - - - Updated - - - I might use a DDS with a number of filters, say that I ch
Friends, I have to import a txt file in xilinx for my project but I couldnt do so..... I have my sine values in that txt file.. If i import that file only... I can generate a sine wave and check the o/p through the dac... Please help me friends.....Its urgent Thanks, Vijay Vinay
Hi guys, I am new to the AVR Studio programming environment and i am using the Xmega256 A3BU board to work a project on signal sine wave generation. As shown below is a code which i am using through dac to generate a 25khz step sine wave. I am able to change the frequency easily. By using the (...)
Hello. I'd like you to show my new project. I've never had a generator and an oscilloscope so I decided to make these. I started making oscilloscope on Atmega32, but later I bought LPC2138 and it has dac so I decided to change uC to LPC. Generator Few words about generator. Generator can generate sine wave, square (...)
Use I2C or SPI dacs from LTC or ADI. They are very good. How may bit dac you want to use?
How can we know that the dac is connected correctly? If you verified the data sent to the dac, it's obviously a hardware problem. Giving a binary counter output to the dac would be a simple way to check for correct data line order and complete connection.
At that frequency, any resolution at all is going to need an exotic dac. But the more sensible approach is a sine wave oscillator, with the passives being numerically controlled. Then the fundamental is the highest frequency you want, and higher ones only need filtered out. I don't know where you'd get a 5.9GHz*128 reference clock, or the (...)
I have an ADC sort of similar to digital ramp ADC (3-bit). I have a clock for the counter, another clock for sample and hold (to sample input signal) and input sine wave to be digitized. My setup to characterize ADC is S/H --> ADC --> dac --->oscilloscope (DA). I am using the code from maxim-ic page to calculate SNDR, ENOB..parameters (...)
hello guys, I am working on a project which requires sine wave frequencies from MATLAB/SIMULINK using the system generator to be implemented into VHDL as a LUT. I want to use the DDS Compiler to generate the sine waves but am not sure how to put in a LUT for the values. It is an 12-bit output sine (...)
Hi I want to calculate SNR,SNDR,SFDR,ENOB of designed ADC. I want to use matlab for processing. I have designde ADC in cadence spectra and do the tansient analysis by sine wave as the i/p. Can anyone tell me should I use ideal dac at the o/p of ADC and take the reconstructed sine signal to matlab or only digital bits of (...)
Hi to all, I need to generate in the FPGA a very precise sine wave. The frequency of the sinewave is constant while the Amplitude and the Phase change. The aim is not to utilize the sinewave to drive a dac but instead to use it for signal processing inside the FPGA. (...)
100Hz is easy with one pin and PWM. Set a sutable PWM rate and send values from a sine look-up table to set the pulse width. One external resistor and capacitor will give a sine wave as good as a dac can produce with a fraction of the cost. If you really have to use a dac, use a sine (...)