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Why digital pots come with low resolution? Can they not implement R-2R ladder as in dac to improve their resolution?
I am reading the book Data Converters by Franco Maloberti, and in chapter 3, I saw this dac but do not know how to analyze it (the one on the bottom). It functions the same way as the one on the top, but the MSB capacitor size can be reduced thanks to the attenuation cap C_A. 127130
Hello, I try to interface PCF8591 with ATMEGA32. And successfully run dac and all modes of ADC but when I try to read ADC data and write same data on dac then this not work. Even when control register of PCF 8591 is reinitialized . First I use internal oscillator of PCF8591 by grounding EXT pin, with this ADC and (...)
dac + audio amplifier with 30V supply
LM7912 regulator output is setting down to zero after the current is drawn by the load. Here I am attaching power supply circuit and dac circuit. My project is the sensor from the field will give 8 to 48 mA output and which is read by the ADC. After it will be taken to the microcontroller and it will be sent to dac and the output of the dac
Hi All, Currently I need to work on dac which can produce 2 output voltage at the same time i.e Normal output voltage and another one is inverted output voltage of the 1st one. My design for the dac is a R2R type with normal output voltage from 0(CODE0) ~ 5V(CODEFULL). I need to produce another inverted output voltage from 5V(CODE0) ~ (...)
Hi i need some help with communicating to SPI dac 5641 THROUGH DE1 SOC ALTERA board, in vhdl. i have written some code but it is not working. i have to send 14- bit digital data from FPGA and obtain analog voltage at off board dac OUTPUT. i am using GPIO bus to get the outputs on oscilloscope. library ieee; use ieee.std_logic_1
An dac ( incremental ) that drives a low Rds MOS can work with a one-shot trigger circuit. One shot should also be driven by a clock circuit up to 40. Clock circuit counts up to 40 to trig one-shot (200ms) and one-shot will drive dac to increase the voltage.And this voltage drives MOS tha is connected to 20+ V power supply.. And at the end, (...)
Hello guys. I wanted to know if it possible to create my Arduino into a dac and use it as a sound card for my 3.5mm jack headphone. I laptop's sound card doesn't work so i want to create a sound card out of my arduino. Is this even possible? If it is possible can someone help me out?
Hi, I have a requirement (well assignment) to sample some data from a 12 bit ADC into a 10 bit word, then do some filtering, then pass this back to a 12 bit dac. Quantising the 10 bit word form the ADC from what I can read is just a simple as shifting the bits and losing the LSB's. (Correct me if I'm wrong here). The filter part is to be
Hi guys, I am new to the AVR Studio programming environment and i am using the Xmega256 A3BU board to work a project on signal sine wave generation. As shown below is a code which i am using through dac to generate a 25khz step sine wave. I am able to change the frequency easily. By using the dac output on xmega256a3bu board which is on (...)
Hello, Does anybody have c example for communication between AD5933 (Impedance converter) and AVR ATmega 128 or 32? I found example for ARM but it does not work after changes which I made. The original code is / *************************************************************************** Author : sean brennan dac applications
HI, I have to simulate an electronic circuit with Altium. But I can not find the spice model of triger schimtt nand gat 40106 and dac 7541 I have a model of 40106 but it does not work. * CD40106B CMOS Hex Schmitt Triggers * * The CMOS Intergrated Circuits Databook, 1983, RCA Solid State * atl 10/3/89 Update interface and model nam
We are using an external reference for our micro (for the ADC and dac) Table 35-33 (page 719) of the SAM3N00B datasheet appears to say that the current drawn from the ADVREF pin by the micro's ADC module is 250uA. Is this correct? If it really is that much then that means the micro's external voltage reference circuitry (based around a TLV43
Hi Experts, I am using Virtex 4 ML403 Evaluation Platform FPGA kit, on this kit a product of TI is used for audio data converting named LM4550. This IC work on the AC 97 CODEC which take serial data as an input and output. This IC work on different 16 bit registers to route data either through the ADC to dac or connect input to the (...)
Hi all, I have trouble with spectrum visualization of OFDM signal. I implemented OFDM system on Stratix II ES180 board and convert the Q-signal to analog via on-board dac 14bit. I got the result like the figure I attached. I wonder why the firs edge and end edge of spectrum is far away to each other? the different is large: around 20dB (in
Dear all, I have to design a dac. To understand different architectures, I draw an ideal 2bit subdac in order to build 1V 4 bit dac, and tried to made the schematic 10.3-6 of "CMOS Analog Circuit Design" from Allen and Hollberg work. I used ideal opamp with a 1V reference on the positive input. There is something I (...)
I'm very need a technical report for ADC and dac of all communications ???
Does anybody know if the Texas Instruments High Speed Data Capture and Pattern Generation board TSW1400 can work with the evaluation boards of such a dac as dac3162 and such an ADC as ADS6445 (simulateously)? It is not clear from the website (no description, no datasheet or AN pdf's). Or may be you can recommend any (not very (...)
Hi everybody I'd like to know if someone has worked with OpenBus with SwPlatform and the VGA 32-Bit controller OpenBus module in AD10. This because I canīt make it work :-?!! and all examples provided by ALTIUM are with their TFT display on the NB. I'm working with a custom board with a 8-Bit dac per color and VSync and (...)