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I frequently throw together little 8051 projects, always starting out on solder-less bread boards. I get annoyed that I'm always creating the same basic 8051 circuit, then building off of that. I use the DS89C450 (I have dozens), so my base circuit always has the micro, a 74125, a max232 of some sort, crystal, ... etc. I got to thinking it
You should search maxim-dallas developer ftp for example and library. There is also new 16-channel addressable switch version, but with unpopular price.
is very easy if you used dedicated chips for this search the maxim dallas MAX6675 IS A WONDERFULL CHIP 0 TO 1024 oC. the samples is free is for K thermocuple for read used serial interface is easy cold joint compensation is't necesary
Look up 'dallas one wire', you will find lots of information..
Hello I have downloded loade420 from dallas site .And connect the Circuit as given in Application note but circuit refuse to work . loader give folowing error no response on reset from 420 make sure cable is connected ........ . .what is problem.
Sorry about that but I just came across this on ebay that might be good. which is the dallas Logic Altera FPGA Development Enigma460
Does any one know where I can buy 200pcs DS1991L-F5 They seem very difficult to find now. I am willing to pay a good price.