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Other than OPC server(COM/DCOM), Are there any other technique to log data to PC(Windows based) from remote device ?
Hi there, I am a researcher and I am working for the first time on RFID.. I am working on a project that aims to use the RDIF as a tool to log data (continuous transmission of sensors reading such as temperature, gas monitoring..). The idea is that the Microcontroller which is an Arduino UNO will collect the readings and then use an RFID tag chip (
Sorry for the long post I have a UT60E meter which sends out RS232 data to serial port and would like an Arduino to receive and display the data on LCD(with the idea after to send via NRF24L01'S) for data logging to SD card, Now I know how to do the SD part, But fairly new to Arduino and don't really know how to do it, I (...)
I have a binary file around 10MB which is created by continuously logging 32 bit data samples for a fixed period of time. What is the best way to read this file in MATLAB and make it appear as a column vector each with 32 bits preferably displayed as 8 nibbles.
I purchased Arduino due board. The microcontroller is Atmel SAM3X8E With this board i want to create digital inputs logging system. I want to interface pen drive with this board. data will store in pendrive in CSV Format. I dont know how to interface pendrive Please if anyone know i am begineer in USB . This microcontroller has inbuilt USB2
I want to read data from RFID tag. I use VS2010 C++ and Qt librabry to design a GUI. I can read data from passive tag but when I supply battery to this tag I cannot read any data. The RFID tag sensor I use is SL900A. In the SL900A datasheet, it has 2 logging forms and has different memory banks. I am a (...)
my code #include unsigned char temp2; unsigned char temp3; unsigned char lsb; unsigned char msb; unsigned char mmb; void dataconv(unsigned char); void dataconv(unsigned char data) { lsb=data%10; lsb=48|lsb; data=data/10; mmb=data%10; (...)
My lead has asked me to design a USB interface for a solar power manager(SPM) and this interface will take data from SPM and send it on USB to a another Microcontroller based device for data-logging. My efforts were to use a STM32F042 for SPM as it is capable of supporting USB device interface. Earlier I have only worked with USB/UART (...)
Hi, I would appreciate if any one can help me to find some instrument to measure and log the duty cycle of a signal. My requirements are; 1. PWM frequency of upto 50KHZ 2. I want to measure the duty of signal with a accuracy of 0.2% or better 3. I need to have a data logging capacity by instrument to log the data over time. 4. Duty (...)
Hello friends I am trying to simulate Adafruit data logging shield for arduino in proteus, but when I try to simulate the circuit, it gives command unsupported error. If anyone can help it will be appreciated, sharing my proteus files in the attachment. Thanks
Hello! i am using the mbed LPC1768 microcontroller and i need to data log some calculated values from the program as well as data entering the analog input and leaving the output pins. i have tried interfacing with matlab but the program i got from the net only outputs 0-1 peaks while my sensor output is less than 0.5V. can anyone please help me???
I guess you know about options for mobile internet access? In addition you should consider connecting to a mobile phone via bluetooth and transporting the data through an app. I wonder if logging the data with timestamps and transferring it later might be a better solution?
You may use the following software: but I'm not sure that it is optimal for a single device.
if the modem supports TCP/IP you could send data using UDP or TDP protocols to a remote server
No offence meant but GPRS/GSM as a latest technology. Wow, maybe the message was written a few years back:) But yes, for simple, very low data rate, remote data logging and monitoring a GSM/GPRS based comm. sys. would be pretty cheap.
I am data logging my uC on a microSD card and everything is fine on the physical circuit. In Proteus though, everything is fine to the point when I send READ_SINGLE_BLOCK. So it goes in SPI mode at command GO_IDLE_STATE by responding 0x01 and initializations (SEND_OP_COND twice, CRC_ON_OFF OFF and SET_BLOCK_LEN 512 -- all respond 0x00) is fine to
Can i use the flash memory of a AVR microcontroller for data logging(temperature, time data), atmel published two application notes regarding this but these are not easy, i cant get the page size and how to code in C for using internal flash, where the data will be stored and can be accessed after reset.
For low power, a power MOSFET and a decent heat sink with a source sense resistor would do. You can put the V and I on panel meters or datalog them; some data logging software will let you build "gauges" to display stuff.
HI guys, Well to start with my project requires data logging , so i used a SDHC card interface PIC18 with SPI, and i can write raw data, no probs... but of course post logging analysis in WINDOWS is not possible, so I wrote a basic FAT32 implementation in ASSEMBLY, that does the following 1) Reads MBR and gets (...)
Hi, First of all, I am using PIC18F8722 for testing my program i wrote in ASSEMBLY for logging RAW data onto SDHC card ( 8GB Sandisk Class 4) using ( of Course ) SPI protocol. Been through every harrowing moment of not using C, and finally wrote the ASSEMBLY program to perfection ( of course with some help), and i simulated my program on PROTEU