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dear admins please don't move this thread to computer section because i want to recover my source codes and pcb designs i think this problem can solve only embedded engineers. i have tried easus data recovery software but it is not working on my pcb designs and source codes . so my problem is i have made a serious mistake i was going (...)
i assume u need a data from ur memcard use recovery software to get ur data back or if just password, format using memcard format like included on Hirens
a good but expensive software but worth he price. Linux data recovery software. Hard Drive recovery utility
My office laptop has gone bad... my computer shows C and D drive.. but D drive does not show any details of memory free or occupied, but C drive shows that information.. if i try to access D drive the system hangs for some time and an error pops up " cannot access D drive.. dur to IO failure" But i can access C drive, internet through data card
Hi My pen drive asking format when i m inserting to my PC. But i dont want to format bcoz i have important data in that. Plz any one help me how to recover that data?
Hi I am having a problem, when i plug-in memory card in the computer it show a message "format memory card YES/NO".when i click on the memory card drive icon to open it,it doesn't open,the message again appears that format the memory card. I have lot of data in memory card and i dont wanna format the card unless i copy all the data, i wanna ask is
I downloaded free software : Just google "Hard disk data recovery software", and download from brothersoft site. I forgot the name but this website has all kinds of software for everybody.
Hi guys, pls does anyone know of a software I can use to recover data from my external drive. I mistakenly deleted them. Thanks in advance.
To me it appears that your file system (usually FAT32) is corrupted due improper device ejection or possible USB port hardware/software failure. As far as data recovery is concerned, you can use easy do that, there are plenty of utilities for that provided there is no hardware damage to your drive.
hi, can anyone help me with this... i have already made my layout,drc and lvs of my design..i am doing my post simulation when unconsciously deleting the files inside the folder. when i open, i cant see the cell name and cant view my layout for simulation in PEX. i can still see all files in Xftp but i do not know how to view it again.
In SATA specification, jitter is defined as the difference in time between a data transition and the associated Reference Clock event for Gen1x, Gen2i and Gen2x. SATA assumes a BER target of less than 10-12. The Reference Clock is extracted from a serial data stream using either a PLL (hardware) or a clock recovery algorithm (...)
Try: RestoreIT? 7 Server Automatic data backup and easy recovery for your small business server .. The evaluation version is available at: Regards, IanP