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hi, can any tell me how to unlock the design file,the attached image will clearly explains the error, 92333 .92334 when i open and gave the save as command i got this fault. help me to unlock this file.
I would start to learn about relational databases. Quite a large subject in its own right. A lot of commercial software uses a relational database management system (RDBMS) as the foundation for their programs.
hello all! this is a online repair tips database that has lot of TV models, TV,DVD,Hi-Fi systems & Monitor Repair Tips & Faults |
Hi! I would like to suggest an electrontube catalog application for Windows and Linux operation systems (32 bit only). It is Tubes, v1.0. Download it from . (Click on flag to English.) It is totally free for use. The database of this catalog is growing continuously, on-line refreshing are all odd weeks, on Tuesday. T
hello, any info would be very much appreciated.. im looking for databases used to evaluate and benchmark speaker/speech recognition systems i have already got hold of some sounds from the TIMIT database.. but there are other databases such YOHO and PolyVar that i would like some help in obtaining thank u
welcome iam SCADA engineer i design SCADA system for Irrigation System and i am implementation a database using SQL and connect it with labview i need information about DB (Definition, types, the importance of data in databases, how i can use these data).
Hi MySQL Navigator is MySQL database server GUI client program. The purpose of MySQL Navigator is to provide a useful client interface to MySQL database servers, whilst supporting multiple operating systems and languages. You can currently enter queries, get result sets, edit scripts, run scripts, add, alter, and delete users, and (...)