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For low power, a power MOSFET and a decent heat sink with a source sense resistor would do. You can put the V and I on panel meters or datalog them; some data logging software will let you build "gauges" to display stuff.
Take a look at this low power temperature logger that stores transactions in code memory
Hi Friends, I am viswanath from datalog Controls and Solutions Pvt ltd,Hyderabad,India. We urgently require VB6.0 Developers with 2-4 years Experience. The candidate should have strong Programming Fundamentals,expertised with C,C++,VB6.0,MS Access,SQL,Oracle. Knowledge on Embedded Hardware will be added Advantage. If any one int
Hi, can anyone explain me about what is datalog module?.i found this word in sinewave generation.what its purpose i am not understanding
I think the easier way is to use a multimeter with RS232 port used to send data to a PC (datalog). Just connect a PIC with USART inside (or write a routine to manage this) and a level converter IC (MAX232). After this you only need to know the protocol used by the multimeter to decode the data coming from the meter.
hello m8s anyone have the shematics for this datlogger ver 2.0 from & the source is at kind regards
Hi, I need to make a datalog using the LPC2129 device, but I alwais work with MSP and PIC, never ARM, so I don't know how to start. I want to save the status of 64 bits to a 128Mbyte Flash Memory. I have the Olimex LPC-2129 development board. Can someone sendme exaples for PORT acess, Timer Interrupt, Timer Capture, and Port interrupt in C