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You can create new dataset for new simulation, in that way there is no need to craete multiple designs.
Hello, please tell me if you know how to rename a dataset file from momuw simulation of the momentum in ads 2014. I am renaming the design files containing the layout and schematic and the datadisplay file, manualy in the ads project anvironment, but when I open the datadisplay, in the dataset selection menu, it shows the (...)
I am trying to see inside of the ".ds" file. How can I open it?Use dataset Browser In your data display, m1 and m2 don't exist. t1=indep(m6) t2=indep(m7) toff1=(t2-t1)*freq cond_angle=360*(1-toff1) Show me result of followings
Dear Members, I have exported a Touchstone file (S-parameters) from CST MWS and would like to see the S-parameters in ads. I used dataset SNP1, but ads is not correctly showing the s-parameters. What seems to be the problem?? Images attached below. Kindly assist... Original CST S-parameters 120914 ads showing w
If Sija are completely uncorrelated with Sijb, why don't you seperate these two s-parameter dataset into 2 independent block?? In this case There won't be interstage s-parameters.. Since you use 4-ports in ads, the simulator will naturally compute all s-parameters even they are not correlated.
Hi JohnJoe, yes you were right! that was stability issue and I've fixed it. now the last step. I've generated the layout and going to run cosimulation, but in this case when i do the DC-Annotation i find the current at output terminal is in pA while at this gate voltage it should give nearly 100mA, so at the output por
1-In s-parameter simulations, DC analysis is not perfomed.S-parameters are small signal parameters and DC Operating Point therefore is not considered.Add a DC analysis controller to do that.. 2-"ds" suffix isn't belonged to Touchstone format, it's a basically ads dataset n-port properties dialog, change format from Touchstone to dataset.
WARNING:could not create the dataset since no files could be found..... saving project files. ---------------------------momentum stopped---------------------------- how to rectify this in ads while running momentum.. We can not answer your question with out enough information. But is looks like you have a datase
but there is no touchstone in momentum But there is the Momentum dataset (*.ds) which you can insert with the S2P block (or S3P for a 3-port, S4P for a 4-port ....)
It is simple if the designs are in the same project. Use the dataset drop-down list to select the different designs, then add the s-parameter that you want to plot for that If the designs are in different project
You can also compare simulation and measurement results in ads.. Import your s2p file by using file utility and create a new dataset for instance "meas.result.ds" and load s-parameter from this dataset and simulation result dataset on a single graph..
Hello, Please can someone tell me how to add a component based on a .ds file to an ads design kit. Where do I specify the data file? Many thanks. (Topic deleted from other forum)
Hi, there I am newbie for ads Ptolemy. just encountered a small problem in simulation. I use what to use NumericSink to sink the simulating data to dataset but failed. below is the Now the Tkplot report the right wa
was trying to do an EM simulation in Agilent ads Momemntum.I am having the error saying: WARNING: Could not create a dataset since no citi files could be found. I am trying to simulate the CPW. I am using slot for the conductor configuration. I have the defined the ports as coplanar ports with one reversed polarization. The ports are connected
Hello, I run a parameter sweep (x = 100) with S parameters simulation. I can see 100 different curves in Data Display. But how to export 100 different s2p files from the dataset ? If I try this with data file tool, it write me only the first S matrix (x=1). Is there a method to bypass it ? by AEL command ? Thank you.
Hello I would like to create a S2P file or a dataset file from a S matrix that i have made on a data display from equation thinks for your help
use the ads Data File tool , to export the dataset into touch stone format khouly
I want to use a dataset from a text file as a signal source in ads simulation. The dataset has following format: time valtage 1e-9 1 2e-9 2 3e-9 -1 4e-9 -2 5e-9 -3 6e-9 0 ... ... The voltage should keep 1ns, that is, from 1ns to 2ns it should be 1V, from 2ns to 3ns it should be 2V, ..., from 5ns to 6ns it should be (...)
Use the button (add wire/pin label) just on the right of the (add wire) button. All named net on top level of your design will be exported in the dataset and can be viewed in the data display. Mazz
Supposed that you have the inductor model... It's easy: use a Term connected to the inductor and simulate as Spar in your frequency range (don't forget the gnd...) Use Function: Yin=Port input admittance in Spar library. Add the following MeasEqn to the schematic: Q=imag(Yin1)/real(Yin1). You'll find the Q in the dataset to be plotted. Bye