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hi forum I had done programming code for arduino to control dc motor speed but I have no idea how to relate this arduino code to PID and control using PID? is there any software need to be use or any example? need your advice.
we are using lm35d sensor to sense temperature,a lcd 16*2 display ,with a change in temperature,we want to change motor speed which drives a fan for cooling .we are using dc 12 v motor.for this we are using fuzzy logic.we dont know how to buid instructions in mickro c language.we dont know how to change speed of motor automatically when (...)
hi everyone, I am having trouble in programming 12V DC motor. I want the program of 12V DC motor in C or assembly language. somebody please help me as soon as possible. You mean to control 12V DC motor with some programmed uC ? motors dont have capability to be programmed. What (...)
Hy, i am facing problem in controlling dc motor.I wants when i will apply 1 at p1^1 then 2 motor which is connected at p2^0 and p2^1 and at p2^2 and p2^3 moves. otherwise remain off. Plz guide me. how can i do??????????????? my programming. plz check it #include sbit rotate = P1^0; sbit square = P1^1; sbit (...)
Hi, RS232 Serial Communication in Visual Basic visual basic and RS232 for easy automation and control. Kits and tutorial help you to learn control of stepper motor, dc motor, vb programming, and electronics
hi to all; my final project is pi controller in vhdl,but i always have problems in programming especially while i try to compile.please help me to write pi controller in vhdl .because i have to control dc motor with pi controller.PLEASE contact wit me for this topic quickly.Thanks for all things
sure saubhik as your bless i il do by own bt since im new 2 vb6 as you say... for ur in4m i hv no parallel port in my laptop so i hv 2 use USB to parallel 25 pin female to connect the circuit..... im do knw wht mean by analogous variac.... wht te process is when click button D1 goes high thn timer control DC motor to rotate forward thn D2 goes lo
Depends on your motor or actuator. You use dc motor, servo motor or stepper motor?
can anyone help me out regarding my project "IMPLEMENTATION OF PID controlLERS USING PIC FOR SPEED control OF DC motor".i could nt figure out the exact circuit diagram....i will be really gratefulu to o if i can find it out
Hi I need a dc motor remote control so I I wanted a program I wrote is true whether or not? Who can to help? The program for the transmitters is a string: $regfile = "m16def.dat" $crystal = 1000000 $baud = 9600 Dim S As String * 13 Dim Count As Integer S = "SOBHAN" Main: Do Waitms 75 Incr Count Print S ; Count ; Chr(13); Loop E
Use 2 proximity sensors for your robot. It gives TTL outputs which are directly interfaced to port pins. it does not need adc and requires very simple programming where you read the port pins status high or low and control your dc motor of robot as per the sensor readings.
Hello, I used PWM with PIC16F877A to control a geared DC motor. MikroC was used for programming. I used an ULN2003 IC to drive the motor. Whenever I connect a LED or checked using the voltmeter, my program is working properly. However, as I connect the DC motor the motor produces an audible (...)
Hello, I finally built a working development/programming station for the 16F877. Switching from POSIX-threads-C to assembly language. I could use some help with the assembly code and parts for these Sub-Sections of the DC-motor throttle project I am working on: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
hello to all. i am new in programing pic. i am good at programming plc but my prof. doesnt want to use it, because of high price. i have a project. i am controlling a wire straightener machine. i am using a 24V, 40 Watt dc motor to roll the rollers. what i am trying to do is to control the motor by (...)
to vary the speed of DC motors u need PWM signal, it can be generated via software programming, in order to keep the hardware simple use parallel port + H-bridge Driver Also this IC needs the external drivers to drive the MOSFETS (especially the upper ones) and to have a dead-time. Fellows should pay atten
Hi.I'm new member here.I'm facing problem with controlling the DC geared motor rotating time as using C language programming. How to i delay the motor operating time till 5seconds? Below is the example of backward motor operating method as i use motor driver L293D. (...)
My final diploma project is about the above written subject. i have done some research on it but the most difficult part comes in through the programming part because i wanted to use PIC16F84A and L293D in controlling the motor. i would like to do this application on a car using 6V PMDC.The power supply is a 9v of batteries. i have also (...)
Hi! I need some help! i am trying programming a pic 18f to control a motor dc of a robot... so this is not my area can u guys help me plz?? give me some examples of c code plz thx for your time
Hi. Look here: \ \ Best Regards.
hi everyone.... i'm doing my project in dc motor drive with fuzzy controller..could anybody help me with this. specially with the programming part that related to fuzzy controller. i'm using pic c language.'s really make me fuzzy right now.... thanks in advance...:D
I use a motor controller/driver to do position control of a dc motor (without closed-loop feedback programming ) My question is, how to do position control of a dc motor in c language without using a motor controller/driver? Where can I (...)
I used LM629N-6 to control DC motor. I used 80188 to control LM629, but i couldn't open the PMW gate. I had programmed LM629 and read real position. I had programmed same LM629/LM628 programming guild. But now i don't know why i can open PMW gate. So would u help me? Thank alot!