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Hey! I am wondering if there is any way to transmit serial data (RS232) without using more wires. My power supply is a battery (DC) and I want to know if there is any way of sending serial data through the power supply wires. Regards!
ASK stands for Amplitude "shift" keying, in principle it means on/off type modulation like in a telegraph. You can use a TTL-driven transistor to key the transmitter power by interrupting the DC power line, you can key the RF power-amplifier DC bias. For low data rate, you can drive oscillator-transistor (...)
Try SEARCH in this forum. There was similar topic some time ago: "RS-232 over power line" In any case you will need Low-pass-filter for DC and High-pass-filter for communication. This can be accomplished by simple L-C combination.. DC power choke of, say, 1mH as power filter, and capacitor of 100nF as data in/out.