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Hello, I am relatively new to the idea of digital signal synthesis, and I need some help designing a certain circuit. In particular I'm asking for advice on which component to use for my project. The goal is to create a programmable circuit that will be able to output custom waveforms in the low frequency range from 1kHz to 10kHz (this is the fr
hi frnds i wan to make v/f control of 3phase acim successfuly i generate 3 phase sine wave, which frequency can vary frm 1hz to 1023hz using 3 phase dds by sine lookup table, timer,interrupt. now i wana to implement V/F i attached my program /****************************************************************** * dds-sin
Google "xilinx dds compiler modulation" =>
The dds is pretty simple. If you want simpler, just use a lookup table.
Take a look at the dds Compiler in the core generator in xilinx ise. That might be what you are looking for....
I don't particularly know the Xilinx dds compiler, but similar tools from other vendors are generating the full dds design, including LUT or alternative sine generation schemes. You just enter the specification: frequency and amplitude resolution, clock rate and features (e.q. quadrature output, AM, FM etc.). You don't need Matlab or manual LUT gen
First of all, you do not need to change the lookup table (the table where you store the sine wave values) as the output frequency changes. The waveform will be always the same, the only change will be the speed that the points of the table are converted to analog signal. The solution for your problem is the dds (direct digital synthesis) technique.
the diagram below shows my design to generate a sine wave ... but its not generating it .... help needed there any need to create a lookup table inside the dds block .. or its there by defalult ...? If it is required to create a lookup table manually then h
Are you using a Xilinx device? Which one? Try the "dds Compiler" or "Direct Digital Synthesizer" cores included with Xilinx ISE CORE Generator. Or build your own dds. Feed a frequency constant into an ordinary arithmetic accumulator. Connect the accumulator output to the address inputs of a sinewave lookup table ROM. The ROM output is (...)
Here is dds signal generator based on Atmega8. Might be helpful: AVR dds signal generator project
Maybe this will you repeatedly add a constant to an integer accumulator, and then use the most significant bits of the accumulator as an index into a sinewave lookup table. Please, can you upload the file of that page as well as its useful
Can you please explain what all that code is trying to do? A dds normally has one accumulator plus a few lines of code for table lookup and phase modulation. Sort of like this: module top (clk, reset, fc, pc, sinout, cosout); input clk, reset; input fc, pc; reg acc0, phase; reg