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that generator has an external I/Q modulation input. You could do small angle modulation of the carrier that way. As a crude example, just add a small sine wave at the I input, and have a small + DC voltage at the Q input, and you will have simple 50 to 130 degree modulator. You could program a cheap Dual dds to drive both I and Q to generate
Hello, I want to buy a signal generator "not an expensive one". I searched aliexpress and found those two, what do you think is better? or if you have another one you can tell me about in the same price range, please do.
I have developed a sine wave generator with dds chip AD9833. AD9833 has an output signal of 0,6 Vpp. I use AD9833 to generate a sine wave at a frequency of 50 Hz and use a microcontroller to change the frequency (40-400Hz). The signal is amplified up to 4Vpp and with a digital potentiometer I control the amplitude. How to (...)
Hello! I want to measure an unknown impedance using an I/Q demodulator. Setup: I was thinking of using a dds (Direct Digital Synthesizer) as the sine wave signal generator. Splitting this signal to a reference signal and an excitation signal. The reference signal (...)
Hy I would like to make a trivial electronic query. I have this PC signal Hantek generator ; I would like that this signal generator feeds a bifilar coil (two coils wounded one behinds the other), one coil feeded with the signal in phase, & the other feeded with the signal 1
Using an AVR, I implemented a simple dds using an R/2R network. The output freq. I'm interested is up to 20KHz (since this is for audio usage). Since my TL071 OA won't get near the lower rail I need to DC bias it using a non-inverting summing amplifier like this one (all 1M
Have you taken a look at the dds chips from Analog devices ?
I'm designing a dds-based general purpose signal generator for my home lab, based around a dsPIC, two AD5930S dds chips and a lot of assorted op amps for filtering, level-shifting, VGA, etc. It uses a 5V digital rail, and +/-5V and +/-15V analogue rails. All are planned to be linear, not SMPS, to keep noise sources away (...)
I'm not very sure that you can obtain 1MHz output, but you can find an example on internet:AVR dds signal generator V2.0
You could check out dds Compiler for xilinx.
I've one taken a course on VHDL in University, but I've never done anything practical. Now I've decided to change it. For my first project that i want to accomplish I chose a dds signal generator. I think I'll need your help in choosing a proper device for this project, as the variety of models of FGPAs and CPLDs is enormous. After (...)
use a dds like the ad9850 from analog devices you can have a precision of 1/100e of a Hz with it and you can drive it from your pic mcu with serial bus. regards,
dds is comprised of phase accumulator, sine table, DAC. Auxillary functions may be added like frequency modulation or sweep and dithering to increase dynamic range with limited bitwidth, amplitude modulation. The implementation strongly depends on your available resources for the digital hardware, many designs are using programmable logic these day
The project has an AD9850-dds signal generator module, now my issue is how to control the signal generated by the module by use of the 8051 - that is I would like to create the frequency and measure it accurately - at the same time by the 8051 - or 2 - 8051s - is this possible ? I also need to attach an lcd - The (...)
Hi) I have a signal with bandwidth about 150Mhz and central frequency 200 Mhz. I need to divide it into 5 separate parts. So I want to down convert them by different frequency reference signals. Is it possible using dds core from Xilinx core generator? Any ideas...thanks
"Generate a frequency from 1Hz to 20MHz" is somewhat vague. Intended waveform and frequency resolution/accuracy are two points completely missing in your specification. AD9833 dds generator would be surely good for a programmable signal generator, if it's actually needed depends on your requirements. A microcontroller (...)
Hi, This might help you ... It has been done with an AVR micro ( C and some asm lang ) here :
Hi You can use the AD5933 from ANALOG since it have dds signal generator and a detector But it is a too complex IC to work with for newbe or in comper to LMC567 All the best Bobi
hi i am new to system generator for dsp . i want to generate a 30 mhz signal from dds v5 block but i was unable to understand the parameters like explicit time period and output frequency array ialso read the help but in vain .can any one give me parameter setting for this ?
Hello Everyone, Wish You All A Happy New Year. I have a simple problem that I am trying to simulate in Microwave Office. Since, I am a novice user of MWO and in general AWR, I appreciate some help in this regards. The problem goes likes this: A dds based Chirp generator output (FMCW Liner Chirp) is mixed with a Sinusoidal signal. How do (...)