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Hi Guys !!! I want to know about the single user price of modelsim , vcs and ncverilog in india. If possible then please let me know the price of , debussy, DC and PT Any help will aprriciated. Regards ShobhitK
Hi Guys !!! We have an opening for our client in japan.its a long term assignment minimum is 1 please send your resumes on shokap(at)gmail(dot)com Requirement of job is : * RTL Design ( VHDL/Verilog) * Unix/Linux Shell Scripting * Perl/Awk/TCL * VCS/ncverilog/debussy * Good Functional Verification Prefered : * Japanese L
You can import verilog netlist to create a cellview in cds lib. I do not know whether this is what you want. If you just want a graphic representation to analyze your design, you can try better tools such debussy or such a tool shipped with VCS and IUS.
how can I use vera in ncverilog, at the same time with debussy fsdb PLI enable. I use vera in ncverilog, but $fsdbDumpfile can't work. It seems that only one of the vera and fsdb PLI can be used in ncverilog simulator, I can't use them both at the same time in ncverilog.
If you compile you c++ program succese, i think may be the ld_library path set not right. You can try the command : ncverilog +loadpli1.0=. And you must link all pli to this pli , or some task will not work. Added after 6 minutes: We have link ncverilog pli , debussy pli , some other eda soft pli and o
I want to run simulation with NC_verilog. during sim i want to dump fsdb file and call some MyPLI function and task. My problem is : >>ncverilog -f run.f after type the above command, the nc will load the default pli&vpi lib, which is libvpi.dll and libpli.dll. Now i have two pli.dll one is for debussy to dump fsdb file and the other is
now i follow the steps to generate fsdb,but the file is only 1k.i cannot see any signals in debussy.who can tell me the reason.thks
Is Sun JavaDesktop System 2003 good for EDA ?? For example: Synopsys DC 2003.03 , Astro 2003.09 Cadence IC5 , ncverilog, debussy........ is it ok for above that ?? THX.................. *^_^*