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I want to implement Radix-2 Single-path Delay Feedback (SDF) decimation-In-frequency FFT with Pipelining in VHDL and I am trying to understand the below architecture as described in this MIT OpenCo
Need C source code for Radix-22 FFT decimation-in-frequency algorithm. Need MATLAB code for Radix-2 FFT decimation-in-frequency algorithm.
The question title involves a contradiction in terms, because a CIC decimator is a filter with finite impulse response as well. So more exactly you are asking about using different FIR characteristics than CIC as a decimation filter. The general answer is quite simple, if you want a different frequency characteristic than (sin(x)/x)^n, you won't
Hi, Is there any way to simulate the frequency response of digital filters using Cadence Virtuoso? (like AC or PAC analyses done for analog filters) Actually, I am trying to realize a delta-sigma ADC in Cadence, which consists of a (digital) decimation filter. Can anybody give any idea how to simulate the performanc
Hi, I'm a bit unclear about a decimation filter used in oversampling data converters. Say in a delta sigma ADC that has a sampling frequency of 64 MHz, input frequency of 1 MHZ, oversampling equal to (64MHz/(2*1) = 32), and a 1-bit internal ADC, the resolution is supposed to be 20 bits. So there would be 64 samples at the output of the (...)
I use a 256 samples/sec ADC to measure some time-series voltage signal. The ADC stores the data points (total of N points) and then once the measurement is done, it transfer them to the PC. We have a C++ program that do some DSP. Specifically, it do three stages of Kaiser-based FIR filtering followed by decimation (4,2,2). Then, a Hanning-based FFT
You give the explanation in the question title. The minimal FIR filter order is related to the fs/fc ratio. With this sampling frequency, you can't make even a poor FIR filter with less than e.g. 500 or 1000 taps. Possible solutions: - design a multirate filter with decimation before the final filter - design an IIR filter. It must have incre
You need to educate yourself about multi-rate filters, decimation, and such. If you are sampling at 1K-samples/second, and you output every tenth sample your output rate is 100 samples/sec. If you output every hundredth sample, your data rate is 10 samples/second. In either case your SAMPLE rate is 1K samples/sec.
Is there an easy or straightforward way to analyze a frequency response plot/filter profile of a digital filter and determine it's architecture (number of taps, FIR vs IIR, decimation rate, coefficients, etc) For example, what information do i have about the filter and it's implementation by looking these plots (these are two different filters)
my ADC was 1 bit modulator so I am confused for multibits data (after decimation)Do you understand decimation filter ? Most simple decimation filter is cic filter. frequency characteristic of cic filter is same as moving averaging filter. Output d
I see two ways to downgrade SNR with unsuitable designed decimation: - bit width too low (generating quantization noise) - alias frequency suppression too low (insuffcient filter order related to the application) With correct designed decimation, there's no significant SNR degradation
Hello Everyone I am designing a decimation Filter for Delta Sigma ADC, the input to ADC is 3 KHz 0.5V peak to peak (0.25V to -0.25V) Sine wave but the output of decimation Filter (3367 taps FIR Low Pass Filter) is 3 KHz sine wave but the amplitude in the range of 0.507 to -0.507. How I should convert this value to equivalent voltage ? Can someon
These links may be irrelevant but interesting MDFT design Time Domain interval vs frequency Domain interval vs Sampling decimation interval. Not sure which either..
Hi ALL in now days i design FIXED POINT FIR that wil be implemented on FPGA the filtering unit using cic decimation followed by 2 fir LPF. the input to the unit is 32 bits - 30 fractions and 2 for real number. the end of the unit in 57 bits and i take just the fractions -51 downto 22. when i analyze the FILTER frequency RESPONSE ( for t
The output of the D-F/F is the modulated output, right? Yes. The output of a (1-bit) sigma delta modulator is a binary sequence representing the input signal. It's usually processed in a multi stage decimation filter to get the final output signal. The term "frequency range of the integrator" doesn't seem to make sense. You'll no
I don't understand about a CIC DC gain problem. A CIC decimator with power of two decimation factor is usually designed to have unity gain for the most significant bit and a bit width according to the application requirements. It doesn't make sense to refer gain to the output LSB, I think. frequency compensation with a FIR is reasonable however
i am trying to design a decimator for sigma delta converter for audio. my decimation factor is 128. from material i found i decided on a CIC filter for first stage (decimation of 64) and a half band FIR as second. so the CIC filter has 3 parameters - decimation factor , no of delay elements and the number of sections. i know the (...)
Hi techies, I am facing information loss in my spectrum after decimation. My 40MHz (with center frequency 40MHz) spectrum contains 8 sub-channel of QPSK having 5MHz bandwidth (respective center frequency of 22.5, 27.5, 32.5 ...52.5 and 57.5). Sampling freq of this spectrum is 160M. I am shifting this spectrum to baseband, so after (...)
Hi, I have a project called "pitch detection using LPC parameters with MATLAB code".The input voice is lowpass filtered a cut off frequency of about 900Hz and then the sampling rate (nominally 10kHz) is reduced to 2kHz by a decimation process.The decimated output is than analyzed using the autocorrelation method with a value of p=4 for the filter
I am designing a two stage filter to do decimation at the output of a Sigma Delta modulator. Here is the spec - Sampling frequency - Fs - 1.4MHz decimation factor - D - 100 Output resolution - 13 bits. The filter, and the modulator is reset every 100 clock cycles. To accomplish this, I used a 5 stage CIC filter to decimate by 20 (...)
Hi, Currently I am working on 2nd order sigma-delta ADC consist of 3rd order sinc filter. I would like to know how much SNR degradation may occur because of the decimation filter ( due to noise folding & non-ideal response of sinc filter). Especially in the case when over-sampling ratio is very high (OSR > 256). Please let me know how
i need to implement a sigma delta ADC with 12 bit resolution at the output. The sigma delta design has the modulator part followed by the digital decimation filter. i have constructed the modulator part in "system vision" now i require the DIGITAL decimation FILTER part in vhdl to complete the design. Can somebody help me in how to construct th
hello , i am a student in the high school of telecommunication of tunis and we are supposed to abord a the csd decimation as a project so the first task we are needed to do is to design a HB filter with fdatool . the standard that we are working for is UMTS and the frequency is 200mhz ,so after passing by the sinus cardinal filter the (...)
hello , i am a student in the high school of telecommunication of tunis and we are supposed to abord a the csd decimation as a project so the first task we are needed to do is to design a HB filter with fdatool . the standard that we are working for is UMTS and the frequency is 200mhz ,so after passing by the sinus cardinal filter the (...)
my Rf signal is 102.3 Mhz and it is fed to mixer and I need IF as 5Mhz so i set the local ocillator to 97.3Mhz to obtain the 5Mhz that is my IF. I have to pass this IF through low pass filter and then decimation and obtain the same IF frequency as 5Mhz. But my sampling frequency is 409.8Mhz for filter so i have to reduce to 20.49Mhz. (...)
My IF is 5Mhz. I need to reduce my sampling frequency 409.8Mhz to 20.48 Mhz by using FIR lowpass filter, so i am decimating it in 2 stages , first time i am using cic filter and decimation factor 5 then i will get the new sampling frequency 81.9 which is given to half band filter by decimating factor 4 then we will obtain finally (...)
Hi, i need to design the CIC decimation filter in VHDl for GSM frequency, i don't know nothing about CIC filter , if any one have detailed document for CIC filter design ,plz send it to my mail -id Regards kanimozhi.M
how to write the matlab code for decimation filter...consisting of one comb filter followed by two fir to start ...and which points to b considered for the design...
Hi, That's true - the question is: where is your sampling frequency, before decimation? (compared with highest frequency in your input signal) If it's far enough (like 4x greater), you may simply drop every second sample. If not, say it, we'll talk about what to do then :).
Hi, the decimation factor refers to input signal frequency, so if you have 100 ksample/s BEFORE decimation you'll have 1 ksample/s AFTER decimation (if you consider a factor equal to 100). This happens because the decimation circuit select only one sample every 100 samples of the input signal. In fact, (...)
I know that the advantage of sigma delta ADC is the oversampling which reduce the requirements for the antialiasing filter, and moves the sampling noise to higher frequencies. As I read, the decimating filter attenuates the signals higher than Fs/2. I use an sigma delta ADC (in PC soundcard), with the final sampling frequency of 8kHz. The useful
Need C source code for Radix-2 FFT decimation-in-frequency algorithm Maybe this code will be useful for you #include #include #include #include #define PI 3.14159265359 #define MAXPOW 24 struct complex { double r; double i; }; int pow_2
Dear frens, I am currently involve in asic design for designing a FFT radix-2 and radix-4 butterfly structure. I have done both design using verilog code. Eventually, i need to do some modification (improvement) on the design as a contribution to my postgraduate studies. Can anyone suggest to me any modification that can be done to the radix-4
hi downsampling and decimation are same thing . you can refer to understanding dsp by lyons for this.this concept is clearly given there.
your answer is decimation and interpolation
hi, i want to implement a decimation filter on blackfin 533 processor which should decimate the input sequence by 4. i have read two technique to design such filter. According to the first technique, we wait four 4 samples to come to do the filtering process once. In this way we decimate the samples before filtering. The second approach can be to
sir, I want to implement 1024 point radix 4 decimation in frequency FFT on ACTEL FPGA. I want the structure of radix 4 for 1024 point. Please send the structure. thank you siva
Hi Process gain is defined as improvement in signal to quantization ratio when using oversampling. PG = 10 * log10(fs / (2 * BW)) BW = output BW after decimation. To calculate PG you need to know BW, so specify the output BW or decimation ratio then i can help you. Regards
Hi, I meet some problem in designing a decimation filter for a sigma-delta ADC I don't have much experience in digital filter design, so I am quite confused when look into the principle of the decimation filter. Suppose we have a bit stream, the frequency is Fs and OSR is M the averaging of M bits single can only produce an output of (...)
Hi, I am trying to develop a function in Matlab to calculate FFT using DIF RADIX 2. In order to test it , firstly I am working with a signal with length =8 x= . Unfortunatelly it is not returning the correct result, I cant find what is wrong with the algorithm. If somebody realise what is wrong in the code below, please let
explain the meaning of time decimation and frequency decimation.
hi, polyphase decimation is an architecture that helps to reduce the clock frequency of operation by a factor M. for eg,if u do downsampling by 5 then u need to process only 2 samples out of 10 samples from the low pass filter it is sufficient to calculate just the 2 low pass filter samples in 10 cycles rather 10 sampls in 10 th
Hi I hope to answer to this question! In Matlab Simulation for 4 stage CIC ( Cascade Integrator Comb filter ) filter ther are 4 stage Integratot and 4 stage Comb filter . these stage connect together by 1 sampling switch which decrease the sample frequency rate under decimation factor. in my project sampling switch should switch every 2
How can I measure snr from sigma delta adc and decimation after that but not to predict the snr ? In frequency domain low pass filter has perfect magnitude spectrum but I can't get the perfect mmse snr?I have already considered the delay on it. If anyone has opoins plz tell me,thx.
A decimation filter uses a Cascaded-Integrator-Comb section followed by a FIR section. The CIC section decimates down to 4 times the output sampling frequency and has a response of the form (sin x over x)^n, n being higher than the order of the analog section. The FIR can be any linear phase design, and is used for antialias pourposes. If th