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Hi. I am confused a bit about the solution for 2:4 decoder in the picture below. Please help me with the question in the
Hi all, when I searched for a decoder design using in CMOS sensor I found the schematic shown in the picture 96109, and this description : "The decoder used here is a simple nand gate followed by 3 inverters for driving the row in the array (pixels matrix)." I don't understand why he used three inverters !! And is it sim
1KByte QC-LDPC for nand FLASH, Deg-Var=3(variable regular) (9152,8192,QC32) use scalar min-sum LDPC decoder with 3 bit (AWGN 8-level) I cannot ensure error floor, but from short code it DOES NOT have error floor,
hello friends, in the given image the decoder 74LS138 is enabled by E3,E1-bar and since A3 bit is connected to E1-bar enable input,it must be at logic 0 to activate E1-bar.but soon it is taken as 0,it makes the output of above nand gate to be 1 which disables the E2-bar enable input and thus disable the decoder too. (...)
i want 2 make a circuit using 2-4 decoder in which as 00 n 11 o/p motor starts and stops... for that i thought of an idea using load relay circuit in which i have 2 make 00 as 5v and 11 as 0v.... but i could not make it work properly... so if u please help me with this...
hi all !! let me know wat happen when 2 not gate r used for each input line of the nand 2 to 4 decoder instead of 1 not gate in the floorplan. Thanx!!!!
will u help me in developing 8 to 256 bit decoder using 3 to 8 bit decoder circuits?
This document can be found at There may also be other related documents if one can acces higher directory levels. For example includes pdf's fo nand part number decoder, "What is nand Flash Memory ?" and a few o
What is it? Any information pls The files include complete datasheet, schematic, app notes and reference design of ICSI's IC1115 decoder.

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