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Hello, I am a making a monitoring unit which will take in input from a user (current) and will sample it and will give me the output. Now I searched the internet and I understand the part where I will have to decrease the voltage value so I did using a voltage divider circuit and I getting a 5V peak to peak and I've added an offset as well but
It's normal and it may be readout error of your SA.If you decrease resolution bandwidth and sweep time and span of your SA, you will see exact value ..
How low current do you want to limit to? Your using a AD622, <100uV offset, so unless you need limit at 1mA, advise to decrease shunt resistor, or use a cheaper diff amp, because it seems a waste there. The current sensor should be moved to the input before the series voltage reg IMO. Can't see how your current limit is going to work with the em
I've found a good solution for my problem: I couldn't expect that I can totally decrease the mismatch-effect. But that's not necessary. The mismatch by the layout or whatever leads to an Input-offset which I'm cancelling now by an additional external circuit. The decision-threshold is just shifted. What is causing the mism
... i want to resize transistors of my circuit to decrease offset of my opamp ... In order to decrease the offset you don't need to know the absolute values of the mismatch parameters: In 1st order approximation, mismatch ~ 1/√W*L . So if you increase both W & L by a factor of 3 , the offset (...)
Hi members, I'm confused in reducing the phase noise of a 4 stages differential delay cells VCO. The VCO is 3.8 Ghz and has a phase noise of -60dBc @1Mhz frequency offset. I did the necessary transistor sizing but the simulated phase noise doesn't decrease to the wanted value (below -100dBc @1Mhz frequency offset). Is that normal or (...)
Hi guys, I have a question with regards to the parameters such as comparator offset, gain, capacitor mismatch etc.. in a given stage of pipeline adc. In general how much variation can you expect for the above paramters in terms of percentage with increase or decrease in temperature and ageing for 0.18um technology. Assume that the adc is working
1. No tail sources --> current consumption is variable and functio of the input common mode variations 2. No tail sources --> mismatch in input pair is dependent on Vth mismatch and not on gm mismatch --> to decrease offset, overdrive voltage has to be increased --> higher power consumption and smaller gm --> small GBW 3. If the Opamp is used
Preamp alse decrease the random offset of comparator,I think
The pre-amp is used to reduce the kickback noise, and to decrease the input referred offset voltage of the latched comparator - note that there are a number of techniques to reduce the offset voltage of the pre-amps (averaging, offset sampling), but almost no technique to reduce the offset of the latched (...)
connect to vdd can improve psrr, connect to source can decrease offset,
This is little arbitary. To decrease the spread of VBDG the voltage VT*ln(N) should be as high as possible. That is because of the voltage offset of an individual NPN or PNP is e.g. 500uV, the offset voltage of the loop expression defining the k*T current source is Vo,loop=Vo*(1+sqrt(1/N)) So the spread of the k*T current source (...)
Dear all: I have used auto-zero method to null out the comparator?s offset(first store the offset voltage on a capacitor, then subtract it from the signal), the problem is when I design my comparator, do I need to use large transistors (big L,big W)to decrease the offset even more? If needed, how large would it (...)