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Hello, I am trying to apply an adaptive biasing technique to source the differential pair of the fully differential amplifier, the adaptive biasing source a current of let say Ib under small signal condition. Under slewing or large signal behavoiral this current is increased proportionally to the input difference amplitude. My question, I alr
I need a max of 40v and 8a to power my drop down variable power supply. I have old microwave transformers so I removed the secondary and rewound it with 14 gauge wire. I now get 48vac and when I use a bridge rectifier it brings it down to 40vdc. I tried to test amps by hooking up my tester (rated at 20amps) and only succeeded in burning up some jum
Hi All, I would like to do a project with many op amp. I want to do it to educate myself, I need a project that challenge me a bit but something achievable for someone with intermediate experience. Does anyone have an interesting idea?. Thanks in advance, Winsu
Hi , I am working on one project in which it require earth leakage detection >30mA on both positive and negative side. So,could you please suggest me proper reference books or articles and methods to implement it, because I am unaware of it. Thank you
Hi everyone, I am going to use SMD fuses for protection needs of the electronics. Which way is better, using current rating of: 6A 0603 package SMD fuse or three 2A 0603 package SMD fuses? Using three fuses in parallel instead of one makes more sense to me since; Each one of them will get hot lesser, Since smaller current capacity fuses ha
I am stauding the MOSFET caharcterstics , May I get a Desgin for a MOSFET based Switch for ON and OFF . with least resistance and maximum current . Where I start ? I can choose any MOSFET so please help me?
Hello, attached is the transient pic of the fully differential amplifier I have designed, if you look to the vo+ and vo- you will see the sparks on it, however the differential coltage is clear due to the subtraction, my question, should I be concirned about the individual outputs or only have to look to the differential output (Vo_diff)
Hi everyone, I have been searching for quite a while about the following subject, but canīt seem to find a decent answer on this. Imagine a 4-layer PCB (Top layer, Mid1 layer, Mid2 layer, Bottom layer). Mid1 layer and Bottom layer are GND panes with here and there vias to pass signals from the top layer to the Mid2 layer and back. RF signals on
Hi, I have been going through an application which requires 62A high side output with around 80A peak current support for 10s for an automotive application. Im checking one part BTS50055-1TMA from infineon. There seems two specification IL(ISO)=70A and IL(NOM)=17A. Im not sure which one to follow. Will this device suit my purpose. Im clueles
Hello all, I hope someone can help. I have short violations in my low power design. They are happening inside my power domain (i have an internal power net that is routed by Special Route in the power domain), and it happens with Tap Cells, Encap cells and Fillers only. Power swicthes and regs are not having shorts. I don't understand why thi
Hi all, I am an Engineering Technician, I have been soldering and de-soldering in years. I have designed and home-made toner transfer PCB as well. Now I am thinking to take course for professional PCB design for my career. I am wondering which courses I should take. Did anyone take this course, is it good for beginners? Or any recommendation?
Hi, I am new in this field. I have rtl code of an IP. Now I want to implement wrappers around the i/o ports. Can you please suggest me how to do that? Do i need to write rtl code for the wrappers as well or any other means are available? Thanks in advance.
Hi, Does anyone know if Opentimer tools for STA read VHDL netlist as well? Regards, Arvind Gupta
I would like some help figuring out this linear regulator. 157235 I'd like to break it down into the three main parts as I see it. I understand that there's a pass transistor Q3. D1 and C1 form to create a reference voltage. I understand that Q4 forms some type of current limiter but I am unsure how it works. p
Hello , I have an inverter, In which has a H-bridge connected to a low frequency Transformer (230volt /7.5 volt) . Here the Inverting function such as DC to AC (12volt Dc to 230 volt Ac) produce by using the above said H-Bridge and the Transformer . As well as the same H-Bridge and the transformer used to charge the Battery (230 volt ac approx
Hi I am using ADS62p49 14 bit adc which supports LVCMOS and LVDS output. I have a low sampling requirement of 30MSPS hence I am using LVCMOS type output in 2's complement form. When I give 10dB sine wave input to the adc, I get a sine wave digital output with dc bias. Similarly when I am giving no input, I should get lower bits triggered rest all
Hi all, Many of you may be interested in building electronics DIY kits. Building kits is one of fun and effective ways to learn electronics as well as soldering skill. The most classic and practical kit is LED clock kit for sure. Available clock kits in market provide basic clock features like time and alarm setting. However, if you are looking
Hello Everyone, Small caveat to begin, I'm a product design student with very basic knowledge regarding electronics and coding, which is worth keeping in mind if i use some technical terms out of place. For context, I'm proposing to build an inflatable hard drive. I have code* which reads the amount of data on the hard drive, and outputs thi
Hi We have pulses which we need to delay by some approx. 280ns, and indeed we need to make the pulses shorter, again by some approx. 280ns The attached (ltspice sim and pdf) show two circuits which could possibly achieve this. Do you agree that the top circuit, which uses a logic buffer IC, is not workable in reality due to the high output impe
There do not seem to be good probes on the market. I want to see a 5 MHz rectangular wave with 500 ps switching time. Is anyone aware of a solution of this problem?