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Hi forum. I am using AFE822x SDR-Net (Dual Channel) software defined radio to receive the 10.7MHz RF signal. Bandwidth of a signal is around 2KHz. Does anybody knows a way do directly pass the downconverted RF signal in frequency domain to the matlab or .csv/.txt file for the further post-processing? I have tried to use the record (...)
Sir, I am trying to model my design for software defined radio as FM receiver but somehow I am stuck in the final stage, unable to recover signal in the PLL section. I am attaching the model please help me out in completing it. Here is the link to Simulink Model... 97126 Best R
Dear All, My matlab Knowledge is not enough to cope with my thesis requirement. I need matlab code for a system(Software defined radio) please help me regards, loi
if anybody have matlab/octave files for Software defined radio workbench (Link Layer Simulator : LiLas) please post me , i am pursuing PhD and required this for further development.
hi everyone. I'm doing a project on software defined radio for AM receiver using matlab and i face two difficulties: 1, i can't find AM/FM trainer kit to obtain AM IF signal and 2, i don't have DAQ card of any type for the analog to digital conversion here are my questions: >> is there any other option to aquire the IF signal from the (...)
Hi, If you mean SDR as Software defined radio, you can check this reference: "Software defined radio, A Modern Approach to radio Engineering; Jeffrey H.Reed" Regarding the usage of DAC & ADC, I think that the simplest way is to use your PC sound card along with matlab.
I just found a example of SDR designed by matlab from the website I downloaded the file and run it. Unfortunately, it shows the error. The Error message said Block Error, Gaussian NoiseGenerator, Failed to find library 'commnoisgen2' referenced by 'soft_radio/Channel/Gaussian Noise Genera
Brother I have searched in mathworks but I am unable to find it. Please send me If you have. cmon ganeshi2it I just typed "matlab software defined radio" in google you try it too, there may be other available too
Hi, I think "Software-defined radio" is a very good project. Best wishes
Dear All, My matlab Knowledge is not enough to cope with my thesis requirement. I need matlab code for a system(Software defined radio) which could process signals of multiple air interfaces(TDMA, CDMA, WCDMA, FDMA). Seeking ur help who r mentor in this field. regards, Hossen
I need the matlab code (pam.m) which is used in the book "Telecommunication Breakdown" concepts of communication transmitted via software-defined radio
hi, my question is as the following: i need program to implement pll(for synchronization the receiver)by use the software defined radio(SDR)(fpga)>>>>>>>i.e need to program in order to maching between pll&SDR....................pls
yeah software defined radio is one. speech and video r as usual have some boom now in communication, its OFDMA when it comes to research, its "matlab" used for simulations