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For HF let us say above 0.1GHz inductors are made variable by mechanic deformation. Coil of few turns of thick wire can be stretched and it's inductance decreased and vice versa. Inductance of straight wire can be decreased if shorted loop is placed close to it. Closer the loop is lower is the inductance.
Hello, I am studying Level Set Method in electromagnetic inverse problems. I have troubles understanding how the deformation velocity is computed. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you,
The IBIS models can be used to characterize I/V output curves, rising/falling transition waveforms, and package parasitic information of the device, it is Input/Output Buffer Information Specification (IBIS), it helps designers predict the behavior of the pin connections , issues such as deformation of electronic signals as they travel on the PCB
I'm trying to get the answer for these questions, and would appreciate any help I can get here. * What is EM and it effects? -Usually driving a small wire with large currents (this happens usually in poer meshes) causes metal fatigue and deformation which furher hampers the ability of the wire to carry electrons effectively. If you look
We are considering a project which deals with tactile sensor. There's is an array (x*y) of sensors, each of which will give digital input about the deformation. I want to design a digital circuit for this sensor array. The basic function includes reading out data from each sensor node, store date in memory, addressing and some simple digit
Hi Noise is external signal which affects your signal, it's not correlated to your signal While distortions is deformation of your signal. distortion may be due to power supply limitations , non linearity ,band limited filters Salam Hossam Alzomor www(.)i-g(.)org
Electromagnetic radiation that has a wavelength in the range from about 4,000 (violet) to about 7,700 (red) angstroms and may be perceived by the normal unaided human eye. Electromagnetic radiation of any wavelength. elasticity The property of returning to an initial form or state following deformation. The degree to which this property is ex
As I studied in IEEE papers,there are three main techniques in treating singularities that arises in sommerfeld integrals in full wave analysis: contour-deformation approach,the folding technique and pole extraction method. I could not find any discription about two latter ones. Can anybody help me? Regards
Generalized hypergeometric functions BERNARD DWORK Professor of Mathematics Princeton University CLARENDON PRESS OXFORD 1990 djVu format CONTENTS INTRODUCTION 1 1. MULTIPLICATION BY X u (GAUSS CONTIGUITY) 13 2. ALGEBRAIC THEORY 16 3. VARIATION OF Va WITH g 28 4. ANALYTIC THEORY 39 5. deformation THEORY 49 6
I not thing that it is piezo Piezo gives signal proportional to dF/dT that is very difficuilt for use when your measurement is statical. Check 2 options: it can be hall elements and scale plate is magnetic or it can be brige of tenzosensors that give disbalance voltage, when tham get small deformation (not direct pressure! try to deformate a b