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Here's an example C program for a 10 hour delay using an 8051 mircocontroller. #include <8051.h> unsigned long count = 0; // If CPU clock frequency is 12 Mhz, // Timer0 is incremented 12 million / 12 = 1 million times per second. // Timer0 counts 65536 clock cycles and then interrupts as it rolls over to 0 // "count" is incremented 1 mi
Hello, I try to complie (using atmel studio 6 ) example C code for led blinking: #define F_CPU 1000000UL #include #include delay.h> int main (void) { DDRB |= _BV(DDB0); while(1) { PORTB ^= _BV(PB0); _delay_ms(500); } } I get atmel studio error: Error 1 (...)
i am using atmel AT89S52 ,SIM300 gsm modem . i just want to send a sms from the GSM modem without using is my code- #include void serialcomm() { TMOD=0x20; // Mode=2 TH1=0xfd; // 9600 baud SCON=0x50; // Serial mode=1 ,8-Bit data,1 Stop bit ,1 Start bit , Receiving on TR1=1; //
i am using atmel STUDIO 6 #define F_CPU 16000000UL #include #include delay.h> when i write this there is No Error No warning and No Message but whn i write it as #include #include delay.h> #define F_CPU 16000000UL Warning 1 #warning "F_CPU not defined for (...)
Well ,keigo911 do you have a timer in your chip ? if not then this program is to make delay 1 second you can call it three times . this is a program for atmel 89c52 . i haven't manipulated with PIC before , but i think if you got the idea you can create your own program for delay . any way this is the code written in assembly : (...)
Dear all, I am using usb controller atmel89c5131a to sense my stethoscope. My controller kit is communicating with pc as standard Microsoft Human Interface Device and atmel provided DLL. My problem is when there is only single device(My stethokit). there is no data loss and no delay but as soon as I connect other USB (...)
Hi all, Need your advice: I'm using atmel eeprom AT24C16A. I write 15bytes into the eeprom page 0 at word adress of 0x0000, no problem, verify by read-back. Next, after 10ms delay, I write only 5 bytes into page 0 but at word adress of 0x0003. This time I read back and found that it has overwritten my first 5 bytes (...)