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have install mscomm32.ocx and some *reg files and suscessful, an telephone icon have show in VCL in activeX , try to learn sent some binary(byte) code through comm port. but return a invalid property value at "Mscomm1.Output:=tx; " how to declare tx in mscomm by using variant ?, it seem like mscomm only accept "string" . pls help. v
Hi everybody: It is a question always i ask for myself, why to learn pascal in the presence of C, C++,delphi, ....??
I agree that delphi is the way to go. It is easy to write solid stable programs with good looking interfaces and there are loads of free components to download to do just about anything. It is easy to learn, being an extension of Pascal and it has a blindingly fast compiler. Version 6 is the one you want. That also supports linux. After version 6,
Essential delphi by Marco Contu freely available at
delphi is basically Pascal, so if you don't know Pascal then I suggest choosing one of the other two. VB is probably easier to learn. C and C++ will give you higher performance. Most of Windows was written in C and C++. Thank you for not considering Java.
Hello. I'm planning to learn a visual compiler for Windows and I'm hesitating between (or maybe VB6) and delphi 7. What could you advice me? Which one is more powerfull and perspective? What are the + and the - for both of them? I see the framework is everywhere. According to Micro$oft is several times faster and more adva