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Hi, I am doing my Final project on audio applications using delphi and I would like to get a pascal (delphi) programme on reading, modifying (amplitude of a wave file) and saving the resulting wave file. My purpose is to generate sine waves at different Amplitudes at 24 or 32 bits/sample. I have found that the package Audio-lab can (...)
Dear Forum, I need your suggestion and solution. I have problem with my semester project, I make data acquisition using AVR Atmega 8535 and delphi 5. This data acquisition use for measure voltage (ADC 10 bits) and the result will be display at LCD Graphic and delphi Chart. I use four channel ADC from Atmega and I use library CPORT 2.63 (...)
Hi all, my project is a gait analysis program in any of language discipline (such as MATLAB, C, delphi) my other post about this is quite abandoned, can you guys help me out here? I know how to access a webcam( which i'm going to use to capture videos and images) I'm troubled about making the RGB signals seperate and re-animate the motion
you can use delphi, IMHO the best compiler for PC; or Lazarus the freeware clone:D
hello m8s anyone know any project that supports changing a/d converter settings thru user interface programmed on any language like vb , or delphi . changing may be direct thru rs232 or by reading dump & editing then burn back to microcontroller . am using 16f877 as an mcu kind regards
I think this is a large assembly project, for this kind of project nowardays people use C++, delphi or othe high level language to write it.
i have to a project to tranfer data between PCs using sound card. Require data is modulate FSK or PSK or HDB3 ... to packet. This is my exercise for data communication and transmission. Please help me ? using PIC or PC, soft by delphi Have you some idea?
Dear all, If you open a blank project in delphi 7 or delphi 2006, and drop a TXPManifest component on its main form and a TMainMenu. Then run the project, the main menu items will have wrong colors (not XP colors). This color problem in using XP Manifest ( XPManifest ) in delphi, is known problem. (...)
Hi Nick7! This sounds like a very good idea. I am interested in it, and I have some skill on PC side, using delphi. Can I help you with it? I was trying to set up the CUI project to make experience on this architecture, so this shuld be the right thing at the right time :D See you! Marco.
Check out the Jedi project. There is a usb hid component for delphi somewhere
Hi geri, I have small project using pic18f4550 here and I?m planning to program the pc application in delphi. It will be very helpful if you share your example. Unfortunately I have not any experience with usb bulk transfer. Thanks and best regards, stroma
Hi everybody, currently I'm working on simple project using FTDI chip MM232R and D2XX driver. Im using delphi for programming. I can not make work notification event. Can simeone help me and send a delphi code sample showing how to install notification event handler, and how to use it? Thank you in advance
Well, I would sugest delphi, which is object pascal and is the most productive and easy to use windos rad in exsistance. Alas, it is the demise of delphi, Borland are selling the IDE and will no longer develop or support it. You can download Visual Express C# from Microsoft for free. C# is a very interesting language, it was written by Anders
i found a link that has free scada tool for delphi and now i lost it. anyone know it?
IF yoiu are using edits component with mask (Numeric, data, etc) be carefull at regional setings. For example if decimal points is set to ',' and your program use '.', the application will generate fatal exception... and is almost impossible to debug... so in dpr project add this lines to fix that: Application.UpdateFormatSettings:=False; //b
do a google search on mmtools for delphi, //a
Hi , Does anyone point me a resource for controlling Cypress EZ-USB FX2 USB device by delphi or Visual Basic 6? A good tutorial / project? Actually I just need to read/write few hundred bytes from/to RAM of FX2 chip by delphi or Viual Basic 6. Thanks in advance.
Get a copy of delphi, even the basic version, it's given away free on magazine covers, it has examples of what you are trying to do. Borland have taken Pascal to new hieghts.
A program for caculator code for scan led matrix This software i have written in Borland delphi 7 in my message board project Have fun!!!