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hi everyone, i'm programming with delphi and i've been use Ftdi rs232 to receive data from a pic, but when i read the data i have problems because the buffer brokes the line of code i'm using this procedure to read the data procedure Tfrm1.Rx; var i, cont: integer; resp : string; begin cont := Read_USB_Device_Buffer($100); resp
I can handle it as a serial(com) port using function like createfile and so on? Yes, and all the software that uses COM ports call API functions such as CreateFile, WriteFile etc. I have an unit to communicate with rs232 but it is written in Pascal for delphi.
you can use delphi, IMHO the best compiler for PC; or Lazarus the freeware clone:D
hello m8s anyone know any project that supports changing a/d converter settings thru user interface programmed on any language like vb , or delphi . changing may be direct thru rs232 or by reading dump & editing then burn back to microcontroller . am using 16f877 as an mcu kind regards
Hi. here is Library for delphi 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 2005, 2006 and C++ Builder 3, 4, 5, 6 with source: \ Best Regards.
Try FT232BM from FTDI. Cheap and easy to use. You can acces the device with free dll or as VCM (virtual com port) In the web you can find example programs for Builder and delphi
Tried to make PC to MCS51 interface using TComPort 2.6 delphi component. I'm not experienced in delphi, but everything is working!!!! Need advice from rs485 and delphi experts how to implement 9 bit networking. I made it in such way: 1)set parity Mark 2)open port 3)send device number 4)close port 5)set parity Space 6)open port (...)
Hi, I am writing a simple software with delphi and Visual Basic for communicating with microcontroller thru rs232 port.I intend to sell my hardware with my software. 1-Do I really need to compile my codes in a licensed delphi or visual basic... 2-How can someone understand if my exe file is created with a licensed (...)
for usb driver : see f t d i . com in example you see complete example comp and electronic board in the base jedi for serial many component av. some of it free see t o r r y .net for paralell port depent you need : if in win me or lase you can easy use assembly language in parallel address p
Hi, Try CommX from Powerful ActiveX Port, Terminal, File Transfer Powerful new version! ActiveX serial communications - Port, File Transfer, and Terminal controls. Drop on Visual Basic, Visual C++, delphi, Visual FoxPro, C++ Builder, Power++ apps! Many new examples and tutorials in 1.1!