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Hello! Is it possible to make new (better) User Interface software for existing DSP amp? (or, at least, connect to amp?) The amp connects via usb, and is equipped with FreeSc*le Dsp 56364 and Arm processor. I'm not a super programmer, but have worked quite a lot with Python and delphi....
Look for EasyHID from Mecanique, it can generate code for VB, VC, delphi and also for PIC controller.
Of course you can do. A few months ago i connected a pc to pic using 2 com port. One for debug, other one for commands and data. First of all you will need a pc with 2 com ports or usb to serial convertors. I wrote a visual basic program for this. (Real program in delphi but it is only for command connection) If you want to process dat
Check out the Jedi project. There is a usb hid component for delphi somewhere
Hi geri, I have small project using pic18f4550 here and I?m planning to program the pc application in delphi. It will be very helpful if you share your example. Unfortunately I have not any experience with usb bulk transfer. Thanks and best regards, stroma
It is not important to me which protocoles I want to use. I have a PC and its Paralle and serial and usb ports and PCI slots and a modem, and i work with delphi. :?:
Try FT232BM from FTDI. Cheap and easy to use. You can acces the device with free dll or as VCM (virtual com port) In the web you can find example programs for Builder and delphi
Hello Where can I find PIC18F2550 usb connecting Schematics? Or does it connect directly D+/D-/GND to usb PORT? BTW: I want to connect it to a PC with a delphi program. How do I do to send/receive data from/to PC/delphi/PIC18F2550, in a easy way? Thanks jS
Hi, I need help with examples for these two topics and delphi. Any aid is well coming.
Can anyone teach me how to add the component of hidcontrollerclass from delphi as I want to use this function to control my usb device , Thanks a lot!!!!!!
I want to interface AT89C5131 with delphi and window see AT89C5131 as usb device (not com port or hid class) help me please. Thanks.
Hi , Does anyone point me a resource for controlling Cypress EZ-usb FX2 usb device by delphi or Visual Basic 6? A good tutorial / project? Actually I just need to read/write few hundred bytes from/to RAM of FX2 chip by delphi or Viual Basic 6. Thanks in advance.
Hi please send the name / links for a delphi usb component.(is it depend on special chips? ) bye
There is a delphi usb HID component that is free and will work with Builder. Search for delphi Jedi using google, you should find it. If you are going to use a pic chip, Microchip have a free download demo driver for Windows that is quite easy to use. I have used it with Builder and a pic chip no probs.
for usb driver : see f t d i . com in example you see complete example comp and electronic board in the base jedi for serial many component av. some of it free see t o r r y .net for paralell port depent you need : if in win me or lase you can easy use assembly language in parallel address p

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