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Hi, I am Darren, Marketing Executive of Shenzhen Benqiang Electronics Co., Ltd. As a subsidiaries of Shenzhen Benqiang Circuit Co., Ltd. - one of China?s most professional prototype & quick-turn PCB manufacturers, my duty is responsible for overseas market exploring. Fully understand cooperate with pcb supplier is a task job, especially overs
I'm using Lazarus, the free delphi knock-off. There's a serial port add-on, and add-ons for just about everything. The Pascal like style is easy to get to grips with. Disappointingly, Java and actionscript won't do serial port without jumping through multiple third party loops.
I have windows7 64bit I am trying to install borland delphi 6 my Problem is when I run the program , the next message appear: 117392 and when I press (run program),the next message appear: 117393
I am using RAD Studio XE6. I want to know how to extract characters from a Edit Box that is I have something like EDABoard in EditBox and I want to extract one character at a time from the EditBox like 'E', 'D', 'A', .... and also want to get the ascill value of the charcaters of each extracted characters.
Hello! Is it possible to make new (better) User Interface software for existing DSP amp? (or, at least, connect to amp?) The amp connects via USB, and is equipped with FreeSc*le Dsp 56364 and Arm processor. I'm not a super programmer, but have worked quite a lot with Python and delphi....
Where do I find the delphi Scripts for Altium Designer 10? There is no Examples/delphiScripts folder that exists after I installed Altium Designer 10.
The program is written in Lazarus which is a free version of delphi programming language.
I think this could mean the German "Kombi Lichtmaschine mit Wasserkühlung" ≙ "Combined Alternator, water-cooled", see e.g these Mercedes Benz alternators from delphi. PS: If you think this is correct, could you possibly update your other forums' posts on the same theme?
I think it is similar to delphi , you have to loop the form components and change them.
I use altium designer 10 for design not too long. Now I want to creat my own logo, but I could not find delphi Script Examples in my AD10 folder. So I just want to creat logo, how could I get the delphi Script Examples, and please give me some advice! Thanks!
device shows how to connect a large number of temperature sensors like DS18x20 to a PC with Windows. The idea is quite obvious, it's shown on this schema: is ok, but who now has a COM port in
Hello everyone, my name is steed. I am an Electronic Warfare NCO in the US Army, I basically disable IEDs using the electromagnetic spectrum. Right now I challenged myself to do something different and I could really use some help. I am attempting to find an off the shelf micro controller so I can control a delphi Medium Duty Direct Drive Liqui
actually C# is closer to delphi than to C++ (if you forget the begin-end and replace them with brackets). So moving from C# to C++ could be painful.
Hi, I have an application written in delphi 2010 - with one thread. The thread is fetching data from a HID device and then it's sending a message WM_NEW_DATA_ARRIVED (WM_USER + 1) to the main form via PostMessage() to display the results. I found that if the sytem is busy the message delays and decreases the performance of the program. My ques
If you're beginner in C++ you better try to get ride on PC programming by learning delphi or C#. The main difficulty with C++ is the use of the pointers, in delphi or C# you'll understand faster how to program and you'll get faster results (notice that in C# or delphi XE pointers are cursed and you need special permissions to allow unsafety (...)
hi everyone, i'm programming with delphi and i've been use Ftdi rs232 to receive data from a pic, but when i read the data i have problems because the buffer brokes the line of code i'm using this procedure to read the data procedure Tfrm1.Rx; var i, cont: integer; resp : string; begin cont := Read_USB_Device_Buffer($100); resp
Hi guys -I am trying to receive data from a 20 year old specialist industrial scanner that outputs a signal I just cannot read. I have a proprietary program in Windows that reads it perfectly, but I need to recreate this function. I have tried various component in delphi, and other 3rd party ComSpy style applications, with all kinds of settings
You can find some hints on this site Useful stuff , and an example in delphi. The PPI protocol is not disclose by Siemens and you will have to dig by yourself. It's easier to use an OPC. Siemens have an OPC for Excel called "S7-200 PC Access", that can save data directly in Excel. Regards marie65
You may try the examples given in FTDI web FTDI D2XX Code Examples Programming examples are currently available for the following platforms: C++ Builder C# delphi LabVIEW Visual Basic Visual C++ Other Platforms For Visu
Hi, My experience is that engeneers with embedded programming/design plus PC programming (delphi & C++) have the best relization in the life - inclusding better salary. Until you're very good only in one narrow area you could be trapped into this area, my advice is - try to spread in more areas - firmware, PC sprogramming, PCB design.