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The new version of Matlab R2014b contains some Simulink models demos that may help.
Hi Following is the serialized matlab code of the cooley tukey algorithm ifft that i want to cosimulate in my Simulink model but i dont get the idea that how to do it. What necessary steps are additionally required I learned a lot from demos that First convert it to fix point ,Then apply hdl coder but: 1) How to assign fix point data types,
Check this RF Toolbox - Designing Broadband Matching Networks (Part 2: Amplifier) Demo
SNR will be positive if you will not consider DC point. In my design I use calcSNR from SDToolbox: =calcSNR(yy1(1:N),f,3,fB,w,N); instead of =calcSNR(yy1(1:N),f,1,fB,w,N); And in all demos from SDToolbox output of the modulator is bipolar.
there is a demo for this. Go to help > demos > communication blockset and you will find it Reverse engineer the model
Hi Please check Simulink demos. There is one model available for timing recovery with Gardner algorithm. It is in detail. Enjoy!
i have a perfect solution for this: as you are using hspice , u must be having demos directory (in hspice installation) in installation directory u fill find demo/hspice/variability this directory has netlists that shows variation in vt and analysis types also.. hope this helps
join the group aya2002 just said. You can find this model in the communication demos of your Matlab (if you have Matlab 7 or above) or download it from
There are demos in simulink simulating cdma IS-95 model. you can use it and get a idea about simulating it in matlab if you insist on using matlab and m-file. if not it's easier to use simulink.
You can find 802.11a models in Matlab demos The site also contains a model for mb ofdm uwb.