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Try this link on Mathworks site, assuming you can get access to it. I have not tried the code (or even looked it over), so do not ask me questions about it.
Quartus synthesizes the miso output register code because it can be rewritten as regular synchronous register description according to the template. Just pull-out rising_edge(clk). There are however many latches generated and missing sensitivity list entries will probably cause simulation to synthesis mismatch. Don't know why the (...)
Hello. I need a matlab code to simulate des. I have found one in MATWORKS but it gives an error such as "undefined variable R" I will be appreciate if anyone have got and share with me. Thank you.
Hi,am requesting for des code to implement on matlab and generally the procedures to be followed when implementing des on matlab. I shall highly appreciate. Thanks
Hello everyone, I'm new in the digital world. I'm looking how I can generate a VHDL file representing the cells of the PDK library. In brief, I've a RTL/VHDL code I synthesis with LeonardoSpectrum. I want now to perform a post-synthesis simulation and put back the synthesized VHDL in the simulator. But the cells of the PDK aren't described in
These all come from a TEMAC core. You can try to remove these UCF constraints for now (and the related constraints that reference these TNM). From there, you can look at the netlist (fpga editor) and the code (look in the pcores dir in the xilinx install dir, somewhere in EDK IIRC). The PAR report will also list bufg and bufr in the design, alon
Hi ,Can any one pls help me to understand des engine and DVB engine for DEcryption of Transport packets? Thanks in Advance
Can anyone give me des code in matlab?
we have developed an des algorithm in verilog.Now i have to implement in FPGA board.Now i have to build a module assigning a switch(north) to the input values that connects to the top module(main module).Please help us with some code.I am new to FPGA
To refer to some comments, the circuit doesn't represent a clock edge sensitive synchronous FF description, and there's no change to infer a FF from it, what ever you do with it. Second comment, if you want to behave it as level clocked FF, the implementation details can actually matter. We need to ask for the target hardware. If it's FPGA synth
As TrickyDicky has said, you have to look at the compilation reports. If this code is intended for an FPGA, you have to build the coding using the vendor-specific tool chain, and the compilation report will tell you the amount of resources (i.e. LUTs, RAMs, etc) used by our code. If the code is intended for an ASIC, then use Synopsys (...)
Dear all, Plz help me by giving code for solving differential equations.I just want it for any differential equation which will work as an example for learning the same as well as for writing codes for other des. Regards, rc
Hi Everyone, I am working on project i.e," Implementation of des algorithm using VHDL" code. While I was going through the texts and pdf's of des algorithms, I came across the Matrices " PC-1, PC-2, IP-1 AND FP" can anybody please help me regarding the mathematics involed in generating these matrices. I got stuck at this point. Please (...)
By the way, you only do SPLLEN=0; //PLLX4 des //SPLLEN=0b0; //PLLX4 des as well as the rest having 0bXX,
Hi guys, im trying to design an up/down counter which consists of 8-bits data. This means I can have a total of 256 different set of bit. There's an error shown when compiling the code. Below is my code: PORTD is my output port This is the error shown : "Error : could not find space (97 bytes) for va
Hey guys. I'm working on this design project and I'm having trouble using my GSM modem (SIM900D) to send a text message. I'm using PIC16F877A as my MCU and I'm using it's UART functionality. TX (MCU) - RX (modem) RX (MCU) - TX (modem) Here's my code. I'm also using PIC C Compiler. #include #include #include <
i am doing a project to implement the des code in matlab.......can anyone send the code code......................... Hi, follow the concept of Data Encryption Standard (des) algorithm and also go through the attached matlab code for impl
salut, je veut établir une connexion entre pc et pic18f4550 ? travers USB pour afficher des informations sur lcd (2*16) j'ai trouver un code sur microchip pour USB et j'ai réaliser un petit code pour l'afichage sur lcd et ça marche mais je veux faire exécution sur ISIS avec un terminal usb pour tester le code de connexion (...)
hello, Please I have this subject to done, would you like to help me: Soit ? réaliser la propriété intellectuelle d'affichage A- Produire ? l'aide de Xilinx ISE le code Vhdl des modules: 1-Générateur de synchro 2-coder 3-Afficher 4-Rom_police 5-ramDP 6-IP_toplevel thanks a lot.
Check out this: Koders code Search: des.c - C - GPL