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If f=100Mhz, T=10ns That mean the clk signal will toggle every 5ns. So ns resolution should be sufficient. There is no option to set the default timescale of the Waveform window before opening it (might be version dependent). Once it is opened you can adjust it by doing a right click anywhere in the waveform window and select the desired time
Hi Guys,So sorry my first post here would be requesting for help.I am currently doing a project which is writing a Data Encryption Standard(des)using vhdl,I am currently halfway done but I am having trouble reading from a input file.I entered 3 inputs and it could be written to a file.But when I put the 3 inputs in a file and tried to read from it,
Hello everyone, I'm new in the digital world. I'm looking how I can generate a vhdl file representing the cells of the PDK library. In brief, I've a RTL/vhdl code I synthesis with LeonardoSpectrum. I want now to perform a post-synthesis simulation and put back the synthesized vhdl in the simulator. But the cells of the PDK aren't (...)
To refer to some comments, the circuit doesn't represent a clock edge sensitive synchronous FF description, and there's no change to infer a FF from it, what ever you do with it. Second comment, if you want to behave it as level clocked FF, the implementation details can actually matter. We need to ask for the target hardware. If it's FPGA synth
Hi Everyone, I am working on project i.e," Implementation of des algorithm using vhdl" code. While I was going through the texts and pdf's of des algorithms, I came across the Matrices " PC-1, PC-2, IP-1 AND FP" can anybody please help me regarding the mathematics involed in generating these matrices. I got stuck at this point. Please (...)
hello, Please I have this subject to done, would you like to help me: Soit ? réaliser la propriété intellectuelle d'affichage A- Produire ? l'aide de Xilinx ISE le code vhdl des modules: 1-Générateur de synchro 2-Coder 3-Afficher 4-Rom_police 5-ramDP 6-IP_toplevel thanks a lot.
I guess you can design the following in both vhdl and MATLAB 1. FIR Filter 2. AES or des Encryption Engine 3. ALU 4. BUS PROTOCOL (Not Sure if you can do this in Matlab) 5. DFT - eg. JTAG
hello friends, can anyone provide me vhdl code for lcd interfacing for des algorithm, and i am using sparten 3-E kit. thanks
hi every body, This is venkat, Recently i successfully completed des Algorithmm in vhdl. Now i would like to implement it on the Xilinx Spartan 3e FPGA kit. Can Any one help me How to assign Input and Output pins. Regarding This project related Material. Thanking you all,
Hi Antony As I understand from you post the answers to your questions are below. You have downloaded the vhdl files for the Encryption algorithm .You will find that there will be a top level file that binds all the modules in the design. In vhdl we have top level ENTITY that has all the bus designed entities (...)
Hi, Any one is having vhdl or Verilog code for des algorithm, if any one is having please provide me, thanks in advance kanimozhi.m
The code can be downloaded from:
Well, you can design ckts that use both the edges of the clock.. One such example is the DDR memory and DDR controllers. They latch in data at both the rising and falling edges of the clock. The problem here in your code is both the edges you're updating the same count variable. This cannot be done. The tool needs to infer registers to
PLEASE send me some books on vhdl for implementing Algorithams likes des,AES,REED soloman etc...
In the upcoming Accellera vhdl 2006 (version 3.0) standard, it will be possible to encrypt (via triple-des at least i think) specific parts of the source code (marked via meta-comments). the_penetrator
First steps in your rationale should include the testing of the clock oscillator and if it goes to the right FPGA pin. It is an easy task!!, I have downloaded the schematics and you have a jumper (JP24) and the FPGA uses a flat pack package so you can test the FPGA clock pin. First verify this and afterwards you may check your Actel design (sthg
Hi take a look at You can find there free des and triple des core. Testbench included. Cheers
Maybe you could use des!gn_vis!on instead of design @nalysis.