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right there on page 4 is a pretty picture explaining exactly what propagation delay and transition time are. Propagation delay is the time from the midpoint of the input transition to the midpoint of the output transition. I, personally, would design for worst case values. If you design for typical values, you're just asking for trouble. Without
But am I correct in saying that differential mode coupled inductors have little theoretical benefit in cases when differential mode currents dominate? You don't get a smaller core by 'ignoring' tiny common mode currents. So the choice of individual chokes or coupled differential-mode choke is a practical one? Yes. I'm not even aware
Port refinement, process hf3d error: Waveport s is internal to solution domain comes up when I try to analyze this design. Any suggested adjustments be made? 156907
It might work as a strong magnet detector but never as a sensitive metal detector! Metal detectors work by measuring the effect the metal has on a magnetic field, either by absorbing or de-tuning it. Your design does not create any magnetic field and even if it did, winding the pick-up coil around an iron ring would concentrate the field inside th
I see a misunderstanding involved with the 280W Half Bridge Converter design example. MC34025 is no current mode controller. It's a voltage mode controller with additional current limit and shutdown function. The difference is obvious by the fact, that the current sense input is compared against a fixed threshold rather than the error amplifier out
156807 I need some help to design this circuit in ADS and reproduce the corresponding S parameter graph. FET model is NE3210S01. I have tried multiple times but not getting the result. VDD =0.4 V. I_DD=30 ma.
If the duty cycle respectively average power is low, I would suggest an analog output stage, powered by a capacitor bank. Take care that the output transistors are specified for linear operation. For higher average power, we would prefer switched mode design, but involves higher circuit effort and less clean output.
Hi, I have a design of a circuit that is synthezied using "lec25dscc25_TT" library. I want to resuse the design to synthesize it using design Compiler, but I do not have this specific library. "lec25dscc25_TT". Could someone help, if I could get this library? Or is there any other way to synthesize the design, instead of
Hi, I want to design a differential Amplifer, and I want to start from gm*ro first. However, I can't determine the gm and ro in Cadence.
DCMI+FPGA proof of concept: (DCMI parallel port +FPGA+SDRAM, i think fpga design is not open source, but as proof of concept) DCMI+FPGA dev board: search for "alinx fpga camera", differend dev boards, few cameras (single, dual). MIPI_to_GPIO+FPGA:
Hi, Any one working with multi-layer PCB he is forced to get an 90W adjustable soldering iron. In our company we design multilayer PCB, do prototype soldering, rework, repair, low volume production. In our whole company we only have soldering stations up to 50W. Mainly we use Weller WECP-20 antistatic with MLR-21, or LR-21. Tempe
Founded in 1998, Atlanta Audio & Automation has designed and installed thousands of home theaters, lighting control, audio, video, surveillance, and home automation systems throughout Atlanta, Georgia, and in several states. Our exceptional product lines, combined with our highly experienced and talented perso
Note the different resistor arrangement around the triac! The Chinese design uses a capacitor to filter noise from the gate and to partially snub spikes from across the line. For driving a heater which is mostly resistive, the capacitor isn't essential but I would guess it is marketed for switching reactive loads too. You really don't want a 330 Oh
Theoretically, in a real life, P1dB is more important than IP3, because IP3 value is an imaginary point (never reached) that indicates when the amplitude of the 3rd order products equals the input signals; when P1dB actually is a real measurement of the compression point which shows when the distortions in the amplifier occur. Usually the amplifier
Any lumped component Band Pass Filter with central frequency greater than about 500MHz would be very sensitive to component tolerances, to PCB layout, and especially to temperature variations. May need more space for a 750 MHz microstrip filter, but for sure you will have much less headache designing and manufacturing it.
Can anybody please suggest me any resource on wireless power transfer coil design?
Dear friends, I have designed the same circuit shown below, . the circuit use two common mode feedback circuits, the first one that adjust the common mode voltage between o1p and o1m while the second one is not shown but it is contrroling the output voltages vo1 and vo2. I have no issue of the outer common mode voltage as the common mode vol
Hi, Regarding the power amplifier design in ADS. How to do the with DC power supply & transistor grounding in layout window? and also during PCB fabrication process. Is it just replacing with Viaground which will be as hole in the layout?156808
I2C is again a separate topic. 127 is theoretical limit. Practically it depends on each device capacitance, speed of the Interface. Is it a general question. If it is question related to your design, you can post some design parameters like Max speed, devices etc For SPI there is no defined standard like I2C, Protocol, number of lines, sampling poi
The design which I am doing is flyback on LED application, so in the output side the LED model contains VDC source. So according to this the output cap has an initial value from the beginning.