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Hi, does anyone know of an appropriate software to simulate cavity filter and cavity duplexer response. I am curious if the software can tell us the cavity diameter and spacing in case of interdigital and combline cavity filters
Well, it is going to be big! You can either make one thin and long, by designing a stripline parallel coupled bandpass filter, but with the substrate dielectric being 1 for air. Or you can make a more square shaped on by making an interdigital bandpass filter using rectangular bars, but letting the bar (...)
where can i find online examples of transforming lowpass filter design to a bandpass filter? In particular I am using a lowpass filter table for chebyshev 0.1db ripple and want to make a bandpass.
You can refer to Rebeiz's book "RF MEMS Theory, design, and Technology"
I want to know how to design Stepped-impadance bandpass filter ( I use ADS) now i found only Stepped impedance LPF ,, pleas help me !! !
you can use the filter design software such as filter solution.
hi please if any one have information and code for the Multiband bandpass FIR filter ( optimal filter)... How could i design MULTIBAND bandpass filter , if i want to pass more than one frequency bands from one Analog signal. please tell also ,for the matlab command or code (if (...)
Hi, if you only need to design it you can use softwares,such as filter Solutions,MWOFFICE and .... but if you need a reference take a look at the attached file.with this reference you can design filters without any softwares. ARRL Handbook 2006 Chapter 12-->RF & AF filters you can (...)
I undestand your point. I have almost no knowledge on filters so I would appreciate if you could answer me this: DC offset of the OPAMPs is feed through the SC network to the output. At the same time, charges that are finding there way through the network due to the switching of the MOS are also accumulating to the capacitors. Now I underst
HI,guys, I am a new comer for help. I am working on designing a bandpass SC filter. The specification are as follows: center frequency is 120K; passband 10K-15K(the bandwidth), passband gain 0-3dB;stopband 70K-80K(the bandwidth), and stopband attenuation >-60dB; I designed this filter totally according (...)
Hi, i have a very generic question. i need to design a bandpass filter for 48 to 52 hz. My question is will there be a delay in in the output ?
Hi, I would like to design a bandpass filter. Center frequency is 400MHz and bandwidth is 40MHz. Insertion loss will not be greater than 1dB. Rejection will be 50dB in the rejection band, 0-360MHz and 465-1000MHz. What is the best suitable filter type (LC, Combline, Interdigital....) I can realize this (...)
Hi I am design banpass filter by using planar lumped element(spiral inductor and interdigital capacitor) at is easy to do it with the L,C in ADS lumped element ,but the problem I faced when I tried to convert the lumped elemnt values from oridinary one to planar lumped element and connect them the simulation results do not match the de
Any one knows where to find the inexpensive 3.5GHz BPF for WiMAX receiver? I found a lot of 2.4GHz BPF (small SMT type) for 802.11b/g WLAN applications. and it is very cheap. Is 3.5GHz verion available? or we have to design one ourself?
Well, my opinion is that waveguides (ie rectangular) act more like bandpass filters. If you design carefully the waveguide you can have it operating in a frequency region that supports one or more modes and not others because of the cut off frequency.
you should go to FDATOOL in matlab, give the specified filter parameters to be designed, the FDATOOL inturn will give you all the necessary filter co-efficients needed, but be specific to what type of filter you are designing.
hi all: Now I need to design a bandpass filter circuit. Can any refence circuit can be found? The central freq is 130kHz, the bandwidth is 5kHz. The angle shift in the passband should be as small as possible, no more bigger than 90 degree will be better, so LC circuit is not a good idea. I prefer the practial circuit reference (...)
There are several useful bandpass filter design tools here:
hi guys can I get some lectures or tutorials on microstrip bandpass filter design? Thanks alot
I want to design SIW bandpass filter (substrate integrated waveguide) that operate in x-band, but i have a problem for matching this filter to 50Ω stripline. I don't know which kind of transition is better ,and how. please help me , thanks.