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Hi all, I want to design filter to implement on FPGA with a mentioned parameters in subject but when i am starting to design it on matlab fdatool, it gives very high order filter result, and when i decrease or set by myself upto 10 order its impulse response is not good as i want. Any idea will be highly appreciable. (...)
Hey everyone, So I have this question: In a certain application an output signal with f=500 Hz is affected by a DC offset and a 400 KHz noise signal. design, Simulate and implement a circuit that will cancel the offset and attenuate the noise signal by around 20 dB. Shall I design first a low pass filter or a (...)
Hi all, I am trying to design a third order chebyshev edge coupled bandpass filter. The center frequency of the filter is 6.2 GHz with a 10% fractional bandwidth.I manufactured the filter and measured it with network analyzer.The passband is fine. But the upper skirt of the filter has (...)
hi everyone... I am trying to design a non-uniform digital FIR filter bank and i am using Parks McClellan algorithm to design each bandpass filter. I know lower and upper cut-off frequencies(wc1=(wp1+ws1)/2 and wc2=(wp2+ws2)/2). I also know attenuation in stopband(60db) and passband(1db). I have (...)
"Use Passive Circuit design Guide" then obtain proper layout then simulate this layout with EM Momentum then if it's necessary go back and optimize your layout. But first thing first read something about "Planar filter Structures".There are tons of documentation on the Internet , why don't you seek around it ???
NPO (Negative-Positive-Zero) refers to the capacitor's ability to avoid a change in value with temperature. Silver mica capacitors have low resistive and inductive losses (high Q-factor), and also their properties are pretty independent from frequency. So, silver mica capacitors are better for filter design, when both, NPO capacitors and silver m
hello.. i need basic idea about predisotortion...i m going to work with low pass filter at the input side and output side bandpass filter ..maily in my stsytem contains random intereger generator,qpsk modulato ,raise cosine filter then i waill apply awgn channel after that block i want to make response linear so i will add (...)
Guys.. Consider "Nuhertz filter design" package to design your almost all kind of filters. Regarding to my experiences, this software supplies very good agreement between EM simulation and measurements. filter designers should think about that..
Have you looked at any of these references?
I m trying to design a 5th order microstrip combline bandpass filter in ADS.but i don't know the component used for designing a combline filter in ADS.the combline have direct ground connection at one end and capacitor grounded at the other end. so,pls anyone let me know the exact component for (...)
The etching tolerance can go +/- so starting thinner will be better when you are on the high side of the tolerance but will make things worse when nominal or on the low side. Yes lower Q. Optimise with montecarlo analysis to get the design within spec for the most cases with variation. Wh y do you think thinner would decrease effects of variation?
I should design two band-pass filter at C band with 500 MHz bandwidth(3.625?4.200GHz for downlink and 5.850?6.425 for uplink) using Rectangular Waveguide. I use CST Microwave Studio for designing process. Can you help me how to design this BPF? Thanks in advance!:-)
Dear, I want to design a high Q BPF at 350 MHz, actually, only 350 MHz is important, so I want to the pass band as narrow as possible, the BW less than 10MHz will be very good. At the same time, the insertion loss should also be controlled as low as possible, less than 1dB will be very helpful. Can anyone give me some suggestion about the
P.Copper, You must specify the design application for which this filter was proposed. Perhaps we can help you to define better what is the filter requirements. +++
There is an excelent tool for filter design avaliable at : +++
i need help
design your own image rejection mxer with the output quaradture coupler centred on your IF.
Hi guys, I want to design a narrow bandpass filter like this: Fc=155 MHz Bw= 2 MHz With verry hard shapes. I try to design with agilent genesys but i didn't have good result. -60 dB at fc I use fixed inductances about 5nH Does anyone have a method or a design for me please? Thanks for your help
Hi all, i am designing a Butterworth bandpass filter to pass frequencies between 100Hz and 10kHz with a gain of 2dB using LM741. The attached figure is my design and also bode plot of my circuit in NI multisim. However, my design seems incorrect and my bode plot is totally wrong. Can anyone please help? Thank you.
Hi everyone, Can you help me to design a band pass filter using ADS and microstrip technology. The parameters of the band pass filter are: 1. Center frequency: 1.575GHz 2. BW=50MHz and the following is parameters of the substrate: 1. εr=4.6 (Fr-4) 2. H=1.59 mm 3. T=0.035 mm 4. Tand=0.02 5. Match Impedance = 50 Ohm In (...)