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The most simple and most direct method would be to insert your filter requirements into a design program for passive filters. I can recommend AADE from It`s freeware, very versatile and you can choose the impedance niveau as you like..
fs1=0.1kHz fp1=1kHz fp2=2.4Khz fs2=3.3khz These two transition bandwidths must be the same in the window design. Hence Since all frequencies above 3.3 will attenuated by 40dB, You will meet your design requirement. - - - Updated - - - Here is the code ws1 = 0.01; wp1 = 0.1; wp2 = 0.24; ws2 = 0.33; As = 40; tr_width =
Hi to all, can any one help me how to design frequency selective surface for band pass application using CST software, any help i will be gratefull.....
i have some doubts about filter design. 1, for a standard two-order bandpass filter, the transfer function is vout(s)/vin(s)=H0*(W0/Q)*s/(s^2+W0/Q*s+W0^2), with Wo as center frequency, H0 as center frequency gain, Q as quality factor. if it is a three order or four order bpf, then how to calculate the parameter W0, H0, Q? (...)
i have designed a gm-C bandpass filter used in ir receiver module. in my design, C is integrated on-chip (f0=gm/C), so C will change with process variation (may be 20% ~ 30% variation). i want to calibrate the variation of C with process through varing gm (bias current of gm), but how to calibrate this in detail? besides, (...)
Hi: i have a project to design ECG system: read ECG signal by using (DAQ)data aquestion and the Signal processing(bandpass& notch filter) will be done by using matlab program. I was Intended to use instrument amplifier to obtain I,II or III signals as this
hi guys i am using HFSS to design multilayer filter using LTCC technology though based on simulation i have high in-band insertion loss 8 dB i think its due to using via holes anyway what can i do to minimize the effect of that ?? thanks in advance regards
Hi, can any one help how to design a LNA using ADS? How to theoretically calculate the Single ended LNA and how to design it on ADS
i'm designing an IR receiver recently, as my former post shows, it includes a bandpass filter with center frequency f0=20khz, 26khz and 38khz. in front end, i use a reverse-biasd photodiode series with a resistor to be the I-V converter,and a HPF (a capacitor with a resistor)follows, then entering the input of VGA (VGA: vth=0). now, my (...)
i have to design a bandpass filter with adjustable center frequency f0=20khz, 26khz, 38khz. and for all the three f0, requiring that: Q>10, gain attenuation at 120hz is larger than 80db, gain attenuation at 50khz is larger than 70db. how to realize the bpf circuit? and is it possible? thanks.
in S/C bandpass filters, the center frequency f0 can be tuned by clock frequency fclk, and normally, fclk is much larger than f0, 50 times or bigger. however, in some cases, f0 is just the input signal frequency (ex:in ir receiver, f0 is the carrier frequency), f0=fsignal, then, in half period of input signal, fclk works 25 cycles, so, how to decid
i have designed a Gm-C BPF, biquad type with two OTA and two Cap. i set gm1=gm2=gm=13uS (low power design), C2=100*C1=1nF, f0=gm/sqrt(C1*C2)=20kHz, Q=sqrt(C2/C1)=10, now, the ac response shows that, f0 and Q has some deviation (20.4KHz and 9.23), what is the possible reason here? besides, for a Gm-C BPF, how is the transient response? does the
Hi all, I am in need of 50 Hertz filter for my application. can anyone please send the 50 Hz filter circuitry. Thanks, V. Prakash
i want to design a active bandpass filter, Q>10, center frequency f0=20KHz, stop band attenuation as large as possible, and use as small as possible external components, and only one off-chip component is allowed (a R or a C), the other components to be on-chip, what type of BPF can i use? in my opinion, i want to design a (...)
hi friends how to design a dual band BPF?
Dear Prof I am Mr mohammed Chetioui, I am from Algeria. I am preparing my master in bandpass filter using Defected ground structure with CST MWS. I read your paper, and I am interested in filter DGS but I am struggling in some problems which are : I need the document ''Microwave filters for Communication Systems - (...)
This is from a table in "RF Circuit design", Chris Bowick (very good reference btw) for low pass prototype Cheby with 1.0 dB ripple. n R.s/R.l C.1 L.2 C.3 L.4 C.5 L.6 C.7 3 1.0 2.2
for design microstrip bandpass filter, the easiest tool is AWR software. And it is easy to study.
Dear Luv,do you know that is there any single bandpass filter? in fact it is asked that we should design a bandpass filter by using switch-capacitors! There are many ways to realize a "single bandpass filter". However, in your case with a very large passband (from 1 MHz (...)
Sallan Key 3 pole should also be feasible. . Please note that bandpass filters are of even order only. They are derived from lowpass-bandpass transformation (LP1->BP2, LP2->BP4,...). My suggestion: Use one of the filter design programs (available for free).

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