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You can use OpAmp to design a filter, use ADS to simulate it. Why use ADS to simulate an active filter in the kHz range? There is a lot of free synthesis software for active filters, for example filterPro from Texas Instruments or filterlab from
Smallest size design would be LC design.
I would start with the filter design 1st. Assume your PIN diodes are either a perfect open or a perfect short. Can you design a filter to meet your needs? If you can't do this, worrying about the PIN diodes is the least of your worries.
hi i am working with microstrip filter using ads 2009. i designed two bandpass filters. now i need to design filter using dgs and complementry split ring . it is very urgent. i donot know ti design in dgs. pls if any one knows help me to desig in dgs and let me the books (...)
I would suggest an analog filter. Look at TI filter Pro. Active filter design Application - filterPRO - TI Software Folder . Keith.
Band Pass filters Calculator
Hi.. I designed a microstrip bandpass filter in Ansoft designer 4. I want to import this into circuit design. So I exported the Mag/Phase details of the S parameters in .s2p format. (S11 S21 S12 S22 Mag/Phase). In the .s2p file, I also included the # GHz S MA R 50 In the Nexxim circuit (...)
i need help how to design those filter...
..but then I realized that ADS would be better for my project... Why? I have used both for a long time and in my opinion, both are fine for this task. To design your filter, filter synthesis tools are available in ADS and Microwave Office.
I have to simulate the noise performances (with Spectre) of an active bandpass filter working up to 1.5 GHz. It's 50ohm input/output matched and what I do not understand is which noise analysis I must use. First, I used Noise analysis in Cadence and during the design I noticed clear noise improvement by choosing the right configuration, (...)
Hello Please, please, please urgent help needed for 25GHz, passband filter design. For my project I need to design an 25 GHz passband filter in momentum ADS, (microstrip filter, not lumped element). I use design guide in ADS and I use many days bout I cannot get the correct result. (...)
Hi I was trying to design front end bandpass filters for the popular ham bands of 6m, 2m and 70cm. Enclosed you find the circuits I used and the resulting curves. In my opinion the curve for 6m is acceptable but for 2m it's too wide and the 70cm curve is no good at all, however these are the best results I could achieve. Can somebody (...)
i am working on "design of bandpass filter on microstrip for uwb lower-band" kindly help me on this topic There was an excellent overview paper of UWB band pass filters, with many examples, in the June 2010 issue of IEEE Microwave Magazine (Vol. 11, Number 4, June 2010). This describes and compares the different topol
I am not sure whether you can design a filter at 50 GHz. The frequency looks too high.
I have written code that generates SPWM on atmega 32 at 16MHz.i intend to use Brdge configuration and to drive that i will use TC4427 and 4426 .Problem is that in my sine wave UPS there is transformer that converts 24 Volts from bridge to 220 V Ac questions are 1LC filter should be used before ftansformer connection or after connection 2.How to
Hello Everyone, I need help to design a dual bandpass filter using mainfold principle (using quarter wavelength). Please please help me...
don't have ads, but the key to make such a filter is the ability to "tune" the resonators. You want to use variable capacitors to tweak it in. Will solve a lot of parasitic reactance variations for you. Otherwise you will need incredibly tight tolerance components. I had good luck with a combline design at this frequency, using variable chip
At those frequencies, a Chebycheff or Cauer type bandpass filter within an amplifer will be very proper.You can change the capacitor values by switching CMOS transistors that are digitally controlled.For more information, see active filter design methodologies.For inductances, you can use bonding wires and so you get L-C (...)
hi dude, I am fresh doing RF design. now i am doing a dual-band gps design. i met a trouble. how to combine L1 and L2 signals to one line? diplexer? or bandpass filter. I saw one guy only use S.I.R to combine these two signals.
hi everyone i have design a bandpass switch capacitor filter used ideal opamp for DTMF sign and the output correct. then i design a opamp instead of the ideal one. the paramters of the opamp designed by some the DTMF files. but now the output is wrong. i want to know how to adjust (...)