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I have to design a band-pass active filter which will be a part of receiver of acousto-magnetic EAS system. Actually I'm doing a simulations using LTSpice and try to select a few opamps for further prototyping. It works fine, but I have a few questions. The key parameters are the following: - f0 = 58kHz - Q: ~10-50 tunable - gain: ~20-40dB tun
Hello to all, i'm newbie to digital signal processing area and therefore i hope i will find someone, to help, to advise me for my actual problem. In my project I sample a vital parameter with 200Hz. When a body movement occur, the signal of the vital parameter is mixed with this movement. I have the possibilities to measure the movement trou
can anyone help me in designing a bandpass filter for 2GHz to 6GHz using microstripline i would mainly like to know how the lumped elements are converted to striplines. thanks in advance
Here, classical filter design method i know but i am not sure about filter design for following situation. picture is given below for detail where 50 ohm is matched to capacitor and resistance load of 20 ohm, for band of 6 GHZ with center frequency of 5.5 GHz.
When an LC filter is designed to have 5% of BW from the central frequency, always get some critical influence of component values on the filter characteristic. T type BPF has a better distribution of the loaded-Q on the filter elements, making this influence less stringent. Try this schematic and see what you
Hello everyone, Which substrate material is suitable for Narrow-band bandpass filter(coupled line type) at 10 GHz, A low dielectric material(like er=2.2) or high dielectric material(like er=10.2). I need to keep insertion loss as low as possible.Please help me out. Thanks and best regards
Hello, How we can design the Narrowband Microwave bandpass filter using Cavity Resonator filter coupled with small irises ?? How we can decide the size and type of iris that can be suitable for our filter?? Is there any limitation for using the number of iris structure that can use for one (...)
Carrier frequency of the shown power line remote control is 100 kHz rather than 315 MHz. But the coupler could be basically designed similarly. You preferably operate the transformer in resonance. Air core or open ferrite core with a very few windings. I presume you know basic LC resonator formulas (or can review it on the internet). 315 MHz is
Hi, I am using Microwave office to design filters. I am designing bandpass filters in the frequency range 160 MHz +/-25 MHz bandwidth and also 160 MHz +/-0.25 MHz. Second frequency range is 1000 MHz +/- 250 MHz and also 1000 MHz +/- 12.5 MHz. 1. Rejection level is 50 dB min away from 3 dB bandwidth. (...)
Looks like you didn't make it right. THe wire and capacitor lead length is significant. Try full leads shorted where it enters core body. Then find fP. The cap leads have inductance. Calculate what it is. Then design it so lead inductance is negligible and interwinding capacitance is negligible. This region of values in the middle will lik
Hello, I am following the design example of an interdigital filter with symmetric coupled lines as given in Microstrip filters for RF-Microwave Applications (Lancaster), page 141. I managed to calculate the characteristic impedances in even and odd-mode and, consequently, the coupling coefficients. My struggle is to calculate the spacing (...)
Dear Members, I would like to design a single bandpass filter that passes the following frequency bands and blocks all other harmonics: 0.88-1 GHz, 1.75-1.95 GHz, 2.3-2.5 GHz and 5-6 GHz. Can someone please suggest the methods of desiign such filter using distributed components. Awaiting replies, Regards
Thank you for replying me. I am struggling with the bandpass filter design that I have to use with the IR diode. The tsop sensor itself contains the 38khz filter. Whats the better method for it ?
hey can anybody guide me to design bandpass filter using lumped components ONLY in ads and how to check the results ?
can anyone please provide me tutorial of how to design microstrip band pass filter in HFSS
Hello, I want to design 5th order butterworth filter. I have this parameters; w1=7kHz w2=12kHz Order=5 Type=Butterworth Band-pass PRW= - Which steps can I track?
I am trying to design an active band-pass filter with center frequency of 6.8MHz, bandwidth of 17kHz, and a gain of 14. I used these values (14= (Rf/R1) +1)to select the resistors for the gain. I chose Rf to be 1300 and R1 to be 100. Since BW = R/L, I chose R to be 170 and L to be 0.01. C was found to be 2.16E-12 (this is a bit suspicious to me,
i need some tutorial to design coaxial dielectric resonator filter. What coupling technique should be used between resonators?? how to model coaxial dielectric resonators in HFSS ?? i found some pictures of such filters on internet but coupling mechanism is not apparent. Picture is attached here for reference. Kindly help me out and provide (...)
Hi, I have an S2P file of a SAW filter containing S-Parameters S11, S12, S21, S22. I want to use these data to implement the filter in my MATALAB code. Is there something like: d = fdesign.bandpass(.......'S-PARAMETERS extracted from S2P file' ....); Hd = design(d,'.....'); ?????? Thank you (...)
I want to design a bandpass filter using equivalent circuit of a two port MEMS resonator. My frequency is 400 MHz. I want to start with the schematic and then design the layout in momentum.