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I am planning to study Synopsys Formality, but I don't know where I can get the tutorial materials. I have the workshop labs for design compiler and PrimeTime, and I was wondering if there is such a workshop for Formality. Please help me if you have the related materials. I deeply appreciate it
Hi Friends, Can anbody upload some material on Magma blast fusion & design compiler's latest version. Thanks in Advance.. Regards Nitin
Hi everyone, Can anyone suggest me a good basics tutorial on Min and Max delay settings for design compiler and how to generate those constraints in a design. Also if there is any material for basics on race and speed paths, then that would be great. Thanks Vikas
1. Read in your design in to design compiler 2. report_timing It will give you the critical path delay. you can see some more commands at Kr, Avi
well DFT is for testing chip !!! it will take care of manufacturing defects ! .. U can use design compiler for DFT scan insertion !!
can anybody send related materials for synthesis using synopsys design compiler
as title , anyone got the primetime workshop lab I wanna a copy to practice the instructions. TKS