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So where to find the complete DC's command list and their comment? Also you can search command and variables in "design compiler Quick Reference".
Hi, I am using the ieee_proposed floating point packages given in for my design. I need to synthesize it using Cadence RTL compiler. The site has given the floating point packages for Synopsys DC. I wanted to know if anyone has used these packages with the RTL compiler? If so, are there separate set of packages, or c
Hi, Maybe you should try going through the design compiler userguide "Defining design Constraints" will give you a better understanding of SDC. But to comprehend all those concepts you need patience to read and experiment the things in there. You can get design compiler ug in the forum..just search for it
Can get any trial version of design compiler ?? or any other good synthesizer tool except xilinx ISE.
Hi All; I am trying to optimize my design using Power compiler (Synopsys) and looking for Power compiler' Usermanual and Tutorials. It seems to be not available in this forum and Synopsys site as well. Could anyone give me some advices? Many thanks in advance. W3Y
Arko, are you starting out or you want to a commercial design? I think Keil will give you a limited edition - go to their site.
Hey, i need RAM library files for my design.. Is there any site , where i can get it..? Is there library file for 64 bytes RAM..?..
When I use physical complier to read_def, psyn_shell> read_def file.def there is the following issue: Warning: Cannot find site unit in physical library. (PSYN-051) Then when I use the command: psyn_shell-xg-t> check_physical_constraints There is the following error: Error: No floorplan is defined for the current design for non-mpc
Check this site, maybe you can get the idea how to do your design.
Hi, abhineet22 You can find the paper about Asynchronous FIFO in sunburst-design site. Cumming write it. Good Luck
If you are a registered user of Synopsys design-compiler, just visit the Solvenet site and explore what you want to know, things that you won't be able to find an answer in books.
hi where can I find trial or evaluation or free version of these softwares: Synopsys design compiler Synopsys Apollo Cadence Silicon Ensemble please send me a detailed link for downloading not only global site like: . thanks a lot best regards
design compiler user guide. I upload them for you, and these files is new for 2003 version. You can't excess into synopsys website if you have no account.
Hi i386! I did a design with the ST and never had troubles. But i don't think that this ?C is especially designed for critical EMC designs. If there is a need to use such a ?C in critic designs i would recommend to drop a line to the manufacturer. Normally there doin' a lot of EMC tests with there controllers and are (...)