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Hi there everyone, I'm Glendon Klassen, Chief Operating Officer of bitEX Ltd. We specialize in cryptographic technologies, FPGA & ASIC design, PCB design, and novel networking solutions. We're hosting a contest for anyone interested in: -a one year paid internship with bitEX, with the possibility of a full-tim
The entry form for the STM32F429 Chrom-ART application design contest is online at: There are $10 000 USD in cash prizes. You can enter applications until 15 February 2014!
For those who are interested in participating... 4 November 2013 an application design contest was launched for the new STM32F429 with Chrom-ART graphics accelerator (DMA2D). contest is open to participants worldwide and prizes include $10 000 USD in cash awards. contest entries have to be submitted by 15 February (...)
Hi, I just wanted to bring your attention (politely!) to a research contest in analog design at Patexia. The contest asks for published material pre-dating a certain patent (prior art) and offers a $5000 prize for the best submission. The patent in question features a charge pump in a voltage controlled oscillator. If you're interested in (...)
Hi , I am doing my 3rd year , B.E , Electronics and Communication . I am applying for TI Analog design contest 2012 . I searched everywhere to find a project, but i couldn't . Please suggest me some topics for the contest .I plan on doing something related to medical science . Thanks in Advance :-)
Microchip 16-bit Embedded Control design contest ---------- Post added at 16:10 ---------- Previous post was at 15:00 ---------- ZRLC ---------- Post added at 16:11 --------
You have to implement the Goertzel Algorithm for DTMF decoding. Here is a microcontroller based project with schematic and full source code: Atmel AVR design contest 2006
hello...i wana know that which maechnaical design and electrical design will give me the fastest line tracking response...i wana participate in fastest line tracking robot contest.....plz help me....
I heard about this competition through a newsletter for more information visit the contest website 555 contest: Welcome! . Cool competition and prizes are cooler !!:lol: Abeer :twisted:
Hi All, STMicroelectronics organize a desing contest. Entrants to the STM32 design Challenge will receive a Discovery Kit for STM32 design Challenge. I think it is open only to the residents of USA :sad:. If you are Interrested follow this link General contest Info | STM32 design Challe
I have to design the layout of an embedded device with bluetooth interface. I use an STM bluetooth module and an antenova Chip Antenna. In this contest, I have to design the Antenna Matching Circuit to adapt the Impedance value between Antenna and Module. It is very important to calculate the Impedance value of the trace that I have (...)
Hi friends, I've sent an entry to NASA's create the future design contest, it has cleared the 1st stage, and I would like you all to visit this link and do review it up. The most popular entry, judged according to the number of page views will also qualify for their final honours. Do visit both off these entries and suggestions are welcome.
Hi, Intel India has intitated a design contest called "Intel India Embedded Challenge 2010" - an External contest to promote innovation in the field of Embedded Technology. Few details about the Competition: There are two categories under the competition 1) Students category 2) Professionals category. Apart from overall cash prizes of (...)
Hello everyone, im lookin for ways to kill time. Are there any online VHDL or digital design competitions/contests currently goin on or in prospect.
Hey there... I am a second year EE student and I have always been interested in knowing FPGA,ASIC,HDl's....etc but I never had a chance to sit down and start learning them.Fortunately a design contest has been prepared for college students by a very well known company in EDA and I want to join this contest but I need to know what I should (...)
This design from circuit cellar design contest maybe help You, or can be a start point of Your application!
Where I can download RC Sound Encoder II to generate music into asm microcontroller? I knew this program from AVR design contest 2006 and this program can be downloaded in FTP Circuit Cellar, but I didn't find it. Thank you.
take a look at and scrounge some samples from microchip for free "Microchip 16-Bit Embedded Control design contest Evaluation Kit Microchip Technology is providing free Evaluation Kits* for use with the Microchip 16-bit Embedded Control design contest. To request a Kit, please
I think the following can help you: AVR 2006 design contest GRAND PRIZE: WITNESSCAM The WITNESSCAM is a self-recording surveillance camera that?s perfect for the home or office. The innovative, ATmega32-based system features a VGA CMOS color camera, a passive-infrared (PIR) movement sensor, and a 1-GB SD card. The aesthetically pleasing