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Hi all! I was simulating a simple inset fed patch antenna on Taconic TLC with Dk=3.2 and thickness of 0.79 mm at 2.45 GHz. While finding the inset feed position for optimum impedance match, what I observed was that the resonant frequency changes when I change the inset feed position making the (...)
can any one send the feed network for the 2X2 microstrip patch antenna with inset feed.plz help me out...:)
sir how we design inset feed for tooth like slot on patch antenna.if inset feed cross center of patch how we calculate input impedance..
hello,,i really need to know how shall i give an excitation and where shall i give an excitation? what is the reason should i give terminals?? and what are the boundaries and why i shud give ? please elaborate the designing of boundaries and excitations and how they vary ?
1)hey I designed a rectangular patch antenna of W= 29.34mm, L= 16.328mm, εr= 9.8, h(thickness)= 1.27mm, f0=2.2ghz... Im using a microstrip line feed of 50 ohm. I want to know what is the correct feeding point? how can i determine it? Is there a formula? 2)Wen i go for an array of antenna what should I do differently to (...)
Hi, I am designing a single rectangular patch antenna for 2.4Ghz. i am using inset feed. I used the std formulas available in Balanis to cal the length and width of rectangular patch. The length = 30mm, width=38mm, Er=4.4,height of substrate(fr4)=1.6mm. The feed width was 0.5mm. I am using ADS (...)
So, is there actually no equation in order to design the dimension of the microstrip line??
Hi bvik, When you say "When i do it for individual frequency it is ok", are you speaking about this same design, or to something different? For example, do you test feed 1 without the gaps of the other one? In that case, the effect of the gaps of the feed 2 cutting the currents would be different. Regards Z
hello everybody, i am supposed to design a rectangular microstrip patch antenna for 2GHz and 2.5GHz with inset feed. The patch length should be the resonating length for 2GHz and the width for 2.5 GHz. When i do it for individual frequency it is ok. but whenever i am using two inset (...)
Hello, I have design the single stacked patch antenna with corner feed on HFSS as shown below. Now i have draw the same structure in ADS. I am not sure how to subtract the two shape to create inset patch in ADS with corner feed because when i use "Union Minus Intersection" then it is giving me some (...)
The inset is to match the antenna to the feed, different points of the patch have different impedances, depending on the mode. I suggest you to consult microstrip antenna design handbook by Garg: or any other microstrip antenna handbooks.
Hi, I am working on developing a stretchable antenna. Currently i tried simluating a 2.5 GHz inset fed patch antenna on the elastomeric substrate but i see that the reflections increase when it is stretched more than 10%. This maybe because we disturb the inset position while stretching. I thought like a aperture -coupled (Slot feed) would (...)
can anybody plz help about what are the steps to make a slot on patch antenna using ie3d tool commands plz send me the design step using ie3d command
Dear all, Do you have any ideas of how to design a 50 ohm microstrip in such a way that can absorb all the reflected radiation coming in, S11 should be <-20dB ideally, I mean to change the property of the microstrip itself, this should have cost efficiency if it works. Please help, Thank you
which type of patch antenna u r planning to design?
Well you can choose a microstrip inset feed patch. The length of the patch is given by L = c/(2*freq*sqrt(dielectric-constant)) and take width 1.2 times the Length (This is not a rule, I am saying so that you can begin your analysis) Then feed the patch in the center
HI. TO SIMULATE THE inset feed ANTENNA, HOW CAN I FIND THE FREE SPACE WAVE LENGTH. it does not matter what you are simulating, free space wavelength is always the same :D. λ = c/f (where c is the speed of light and f is the frequency). WHICH BOOK I CAN REFER FOR THE design PARAMETERS, FORMULATIONS, C
can you please assist me by providing some already designed circular patch antenna which uses inset feed.. and design procedure for epsr 4.5....
Hi. i want to design Microstrip Patch Antenna 1.8Ghz 1.9GHz 2.1Ghz to caltulate the Wave port W and L.? and how to set wave port ? i do not now how to use wave to define the wave port. and how to calculate the inset-feed Y0 and microstrip feed line W and L. i did some simulation bu i (...)
Hi. i want to design Microstrip Patch Antenna 1.8Ghz 1.9GHz 2.1Ghz to caltulate the Wave port W and L.? and how to set wave port ? and how to calculate the inset-feed Y0 and microstrip feed line W and L. i did some simulation bu i can not get right result.please help me it is very (...)
Dear Friends, Due to some difficulties, I changed my design procedure to inset feed. I am designing an Active Antenna working about 2.5 to 3.5 GHz. For my frequency, I evaluate my patch dimensions, but when I put the feed line and connect it to the patch, fr changes! (...)
Hi, I am doing a design of rectangular patch antenna with inset feed and simulation on HFSS. the problem is the BW is very small,so what should i do to increase BW?? Thanks
I want to feed rectangular patch antenna using a microstrip feedline (50 ohm) What is the approach taken ? Are these the 2ways of using a microstrip feedline - 1. inset feed ==> we find the location on the patch such that its impedance at that point is 50 ohms. And then we use the inset (...)