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Dear collegues, I tried to search a lot on internet and microwave journal website but I was unable to found that paper. If any one has that paper kindly attach here Paper name is mentioned below H.A. Atwater, ``The design of the radial Line stub: A Useful Microstrip Circuit Element,'' Microwave Journal, 28, 149 (1985). thanks
I want to design a mixer I used ratrace and designed it in ADS so it will work good enough @1.95Ghz ( the average of LO and RF) now the next step is connecting diode and ... I have some basic idea. I read Maas book. For example I will use Microstrip radial stub to get rid of LO and RF a
In additon to what enjunear has suggested: the next optional step is to replace the capacitor by a radial stub. design the radial stub with radius = 1/4 wavelength, so that it represents a "short" at your frequency of interest. Together with the narrow 1/4 wavelength line, this is then transformed into an RF (...)
Hello, i am designing a wideband LNA right now and would like to replace the Piconics conical inductors we are using right now with a planar Bias-Tee. My bandwidth is from 1-9 GHz so i cannot realize it with a quarter wavelength line and a radial stub. Is there a way to use a form of cascaded design with (...)
Hi all, I have problem with microstrip delta stub design. I referenced some paper about radial stub, ... but can't find exact program for calculation, even wrote some maltlab m-file for it.But my results are different from others done by some author. Specially, in the paper "A NEW KIND OF radial (...)
i'm designing vivaldi antenna with centre frequency 3.3 Ghz (2GHz -4GHz) using CST. Taper length of antenna is 90.9mm for 3.3 GHz. Aperture width 48mm(ie; > 45.5mm). Its having microstrip to slotline transition from 50 ohm to 100 ohm. I am getting efficiency >100%(because gain is more than directivity). how to solve this to get b/w 90t
Hi! I am currently designing microwave low noise amplifier. We are going to fabricate the LNAs. However, we have yet to design the radial stub and the tee junctions. Can someone tell me the things to consider in designing the tee junction. Thanks a lot.
I've read several research papers about full waveguide band MMIC tripler for W-band, recently. Such as 《A W-band GCPW MMIC Diode tripler》、《A Full Waveguide Band tripler for 75-110GHz》?? In these papers, the simple open-circuited stubs were used to present an approximate short-circuit at the diodes from 75-110G
please i need assistance on how to design a bias tee circuit to modulate at freq range of 500mhz to 10ghz.I want to use a coilcraft inductor from Microwave office.How can i work out the LCR values?thanks
Hi guys, could anyone share your experience on how to draw/simulate radial stub in HFSS. Because my design is a 3-D stucture (CPW-TO-Microstrip), and i know the RS could be easy simulate just by drag the icon in ADS. But in HFSS, I'm newbie. Many thanks.:D:D
dear frns.. one of most commonly used method for designing bias circuit is to use a radial stub followed by high impedance line... so frns can any one explain how to design radial stub, with center freq = 5GHZ, for bias circuit design....if any (...)
Hi, as i designed a circuit with an era amplifier i've used a capacitor and inductor in the dc supply path to surpress the the HF-parts ... the loss was between 0,5 and 1dB if i remeber right ... i used a 500?m rogers substrate with 1200?m hf-coplanar lines an a 200?m dc-supply line 800MHz - 5GHz mayba you can try to vary the dimensions of your
Hi, everyone. I am wondering how to design the DC bias network for varactor in GHz range. I saw many literatures using the radial stub with a very narrow microstrip line as the bias pads. Anyone has some recommendation references of this type of DC bias network and any other topologies? Thanks.
Dear, I need to design wide band stubs (Open & Short). I try radial stub and it works for short circuit, but for open circuit i used a λ/4 stub with radial stub and because of low bandwidth of λ/4 stub it doesn't work.does anyone know (...)
This design element is often part of todays microwave design/simulation programs such as Agilent ADS, etc. You will find a lot of articles and information on the Internet using Google search for "radial stub".
how to design microstrip choke?
Hi, these are the pages from Brian C. Wadell:Transmission Line design Handbook you can find design information about radial and delta stub there. flyhigh
but how to design the R0 of radial stub ?I find it not well with λ/4!
Load pull consists of varying the load impedance seen by a PA while measuring the performance of the PA. This method is important for large signal, nonlinear devices where the operating point may change with power level or tuning of output match. About radial stubs and small software to design it: w
which best high LAMBDA/4 Transformer or radial stub,which use at biasing any design of stub i will be thanked