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Some authors start their design from cutoff frequency. (DFW/SIW slotted arrays). So waveguide has width a little wider to obtain cutoff frequency a little lower than slot resonating frequency. But i have many concerns. If waveguide is narrow, then guided length may be larger than free space wavelength. My idea: maybe it is good idea to (...)
I d like to find the theorectical calculation to design a UHF slot antenna , i found some info only for waveguide slotted antenna , bu im interesting in the coaxial ones . Like
Hello, I am designing slotted waveguide Planar array in CST. For array design, i need design curves of slots characteristics. A longitudinal slot is in resonant condition when its admittance become purely real. I have simulated a slot with different lengths in CST (...)
Hi Terminator3, I guess you are telling slots like "f" and "g" in this figure (waveguide in TE10 mode). Right? 130941 There is a bit of information in "Modern Antenna design, 2nd Edition" by Thomas Milligan (Wiley-IEEE Press, 2005), section 5-24 . (I saw more information in some other book, but now I don't remember
I am trying to design a substrate integrated waveguide slot antenna. I am following the paper attached herewith. I am new in this domain and so facing a lot of problems. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I request someone to see my .hfss file which I have made so far and help me by updating and correcting it.
I wish to design a substrate integrated waveguide slot antenna. I have designed the antenna using hfss15.0 software. But my solutions are not matching with the original solutions of the paper. I am hereby attaching my .hfss file of my project and also the paper that I am following. I am new in this domain and I am not getting the desired (...)
hi ,I did a simple slot antenna in HFSS using HFSS design kit to build the model. the target freq is 0.95GHz 129759129760 the S11 and smith chart is good 129761129762 so I simulatate the 2D pattern for slot antenna for single freq point at 0.95GHz
hi ,I did a simple slot antenna in HFSS using HFSS design kit to build the model. the target freq is 0.95GHz 129750129751 the S11 and smith chart is good 129752129753 so I simulatate the 2D pattern for slot antenna for single freq point at 0.95GHz
Hello, i'm a new in design antennas, and having some problems in repeating experiments. I dont now how correctly feed double slot antenna. 129544. The arrow indicates the attachment detector. I calculated the two cases, and the first is right for me, but it does not work. But second is working, but i dont now, is it correct?
Hi. I'm simulating a 2.4Ghz slot antenna. Everything is well but when I do the Analyse all on HFSS v.13, this error pops up. HFSSdesign1 (DrivenTerminal) Port refinement, process hf3d error: Too few conductors were found on port p1. There should be one conductor for each terminal, with one additional reference conductor. Unintent
Hello Guys, I want to use slot antenna for an application. i am facing some issues. I will be thankful if i can get useful feedback from you guys before actully send design to manufacturers. 1- antenna was cut from the ground plane on one side of FR-4 sub and another side is feeding network. What kind of SMA connector i should
Hi I'm a beginner using CST and I was wondering if anyone could help me to design a PIFA with U-shaped slots. I've taken an antennas course so I'm familiar with most of the terminology, but am not familiar with CST. I am able to create a PIFA fairly easily using an antenna design tool, but the U-shaped slot I am having (...)
Dear all, as I am having some trouble with my antenna design, I started splitting it up in small problems: My very first problem is about designing a slot line and determining it's characteristic impedance Z_0. My simulation is quite easy: I have defined a slot line on a low dielectric (epsilon_r=3.5) substrate (...)
Hi all, I Am currently working an a design, featuring an RFM22B 868MHz module, transmitting at upto 20dBm. The PCB i am designing fits into two slots in a aluminum profile, and the in bottom i will mill a slot antenna at 164,3mm. (See attached photo) 119024Tests indicate a feedpoint at 1/20 wavelength, on each side of
Hi dear In design slot array, the most factor is obtaining accurate self admittance.When you use Elliott's first design equations,if your admittance does not accurate, you have a tolerance in Elliott's first design equation that lead to fail to converge. Best regards Amin
About signals in a testbench the books "SystemVeril" states that "Drive too late or sample too early, and your testbench is off a cycle. Even within a single time slot (for example, everything that happens at time 100ns), mixing design and testbench events can cause a race condition, such as when a signal is both read and written at the same time"
Hi all I have just finished cpw-fed slot antenna design and I want to implement this design. Is there any good company that you advise me to send this design to for implementation? Best Regards
Dear friends, I am trying to design a u-slot aperture coupled patch antenna in millimeter-wave band (about 30 GHz) using CST and according to the picture attached. I have a few problems in the procedure: 1- I can not find "foam" in CST material library so I think I should make a new material myself. But the problem is that only the εr of
Please help me, how i can assign port to slot ring resonator (RFID based tag) to make it workable. I design 8-bit slot resonator on circular patch using circular substrate on HFSS. Now i want to observe the resonances produce by the tag. so please guide me how can i assign port excitation to this design.
Hi Please, i'm reading a paper on a circularly polarized monopole antenna and the author has this results that i can't figure out how to generate. I sent him a mail asking about it and he said i have to extract some results from hfss and then write a code in matlab to generate that plot. My problem however, is, I don't know which result in HFS