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Or look at RS-Onlines designspark, FreeCad, BRLcad and others of that kind. I am NOT into 3D tools yet, so I find them very very very difficult to use, but maybe You can :-).
I can open the files without a problem in Altium Designer v. 15.1.9. However, exports to Eagle or designspark are unavailable.
Hello, I'd like to learn how to layout high frequency boards (specifically high speed serial - low GHz range). I don't have a preferred capture/layout package, but want to do this at home so need a low cost one. I have seen a number of packages, such as KiCAD, designspark and soon CircuitMaker, but am not sure how easy they are to use for boa
Hi folks, I'm sure this question comes up a lot but it's hard to find a good comparison. I'm looking for a new free schematic/routing software. Having a large library parts database is nice, but I prefer to make my own parts, so really I'm more interested in what is easiest to make parts in. Simulation is nice, but I don't do much s
Right 'cards on the table' I am after votes, BUT I also want to share my project and designspark Mechanical experience. Here is my entry and as said votes (by clicking LIKE) would be appreciated (you will have to register at the site to do this, but you don't get any problems
Hi All, It's no secret as can be seen from some of my other post that I like and use designspark PCB, basically it fits my requirements and I'm not debating its merits here with other packages. BUT as an electronics/software designer mechanical CAD has always been an issue for me. The low cost ones and free ones either did too little or too much a
Try the designspark website and forums. Your more likely to get something there.
Hi, I have been using designspark since V3 and now on V5 like you. If the ModelSource button disappears, then it's prrobably undocked or floating, but thats not a problem as you can open it with CTRL+M shortcut or from View on the Menubar where it is at the bottom of the list. I'm sure you solved this and found the tutorials at www.designsp
I don't use designspark PCB, but the problem with pdf printing is generally to understand the automatic and manual scaling options of the pdf printer driver and the involved pdf viewer, e.g. Acrobat Reader. Speaking generally, there's always an option to get the final printout scaled correctly. A possible problem might arise with sloppy scaling of
I have never used it, but it might be worth looking at if you want something free. Keith.
May be this one helpful for you.
Not used or heard of Kicad designspark is based on the same as eagle which I think you can import the files, Tried designpsark but prefer Altium loads better
Have a look here :
There's a new free design capture and pcb layout tool just been released from RS Components. You have to register with their designspark discussion group to get it. I downloaded it and it looks really good. It's not a crippled version like so many free tools. You can get it on:
designspark imports Eagle schematics & PCBs but I don't know if it's a step up or down from Eagle. Why are you wanting to change, Keith
RS components have launched a free PCB program called designspark - looks OK