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Hi, I am synthesizing a vhdl design integrated with Synopsys designware given in this link I have created a component by copy & pasting the same code as provided in the option "Direct Instantiation in VHDL" provided in that link. When I
Hello Friends I have read through synopsys designware developer's guide and understood the hierarchy Synthetic operator, module,Implementation and their binding . My doubt is how registers are inferred? i mean all those coding style (Process wait, if else) infers registers but what Synthetic operator is called for and which implementation of
The code from front_end engineer have some "function module " , there's no warning when I do synthesis with DC, but when I do verification with Formality, this module runs about 6 hours and report Formality meets a fatal error and give up. I tried again,but it happed again! I checked the netlist and found there's no designware multiplier. (...)
we have license for PrimePower Pathmill TetraMAX Formality Pioneer DC Ultra Design Analyzer HDL Compiler Verilog Library Compiler module Compiler Power Compiler VHDL Compiler Physical Compiler Ad designware Library designware Developer System Studio
Hi, You can refer to CD4585 4-bit comparator data sheet for more info. You will have to write verilog module for CD4585. Instantiate this one 16 times to get 64 bit comparator. Other option is if ur using Synopsys DC then go for designware comparators. If you want to target for FPGA you can use coregen to generate 64 bit comparator for y
Hi: Who can share the usb2.0 device/host function module ,for example syn@psys designware core , I need them for simulating my un-standard usb2.0 device.