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Hi Guys, I Trying to compile this program but it got error.. Warning C:\Users\WhyWhy\desktop\Interfacing lcd with PIC Microcontroller - Hi Tech C\8 Bit\code.c; 30.48 illegal conversion between pointer types Executing: "C:\Program Files (x86)\HI-TECH Software\PICC\9.70\bin\picc.exe" "-olcd pic.cof" "-mlcd" (...)
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i am javed from maharastra india i need job in laptop and desktop repair job i have 15 year exprince in crt monitor and lcd monitor repair , 1 year exprince in laptop. plz contect me if you have any vacancy. :-D
#include desktop\Autonomous Line Following Robot\Program\ROBO WORKSHOP\lcd DRIVER FILE.c> Another thing, Are you sure, your compiler is not complaining for the above line?
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Bad news, my desktop doesn't has UART connection. The example given in user manual requires HyperTerminal to shows the results. I don't have any serial port and hardware to implement it to make communication. Any suggestion ? Regards, Linspire Use USB to Serial converter..
Hi, I'm one step further on the way to put my lcd to be driven by my PIC18F4550, still struggling with one error I can't understand: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Release build of project `C:\Documents and Settings\WHW\desktop\prj\new_lcd\lcd4550.mcp' started. Mon Sep 20 (...)
Find a driver card or rip out an old driver board from a damaged desktop lcd. Unsure would you need the correct LVDS cable. There also a french website or forum that shows how to design a simple driver board using Analog ADC and some other logic gates. You would have search for that in google. The other alternative design your own driver board base
bought female vga to male dvi-d connecter off of ebay and it does not work is there a more complex converter necessary to hook a desktop to this. I have used the vga for my westinghouse lcd but this is a much more complex connection I would guess by the amount of pins.