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the only way I can find to make the file viewable on the desktop is to refresh the screen by pressing F5 Yes, so what's the problem? This things happens with MS Windows, also Win XP by the way.
this could also be problem if you are have your desktop setting for large icons (it is just a guess)
I need to increase the screen resolution of my screen ...I have done this ADMINIstration>DISPLAy. change the resolution 1440x900 but i could not do tht even after logout and restart.... Also i have done Prefrences>screen resolution... same nothing changes.... I am using DELL desktop help me out ...please.. (...)
I use team viewer (free version) for helping my mother & father-in-law with their computers. It allows you to remotely take control of their computer - with their permission. TeamViewer - Free Remote Access and Remote desktop Sharing over the Internet Keith.
There are other problems with HP laptops. they are referred to black, blue , red screen, when we boot the system after booting , the screen keeps on changing the color of display without displaying the windows desktop screen. after 4 or 5 times restart it gets corrected.
i have been executing the C code for LED for the PIC18F4550 on MPLAB IDE but while executing the code i had faced the the error C:\Documents and Settings\indresh\desktop\code\PIC-LED-Example1\main.c:6:Error unable to locate 'p18f4520.h' i am attaching the zip file of MPLAB IDE screen shot of the programme and also the c code,if any
Find a driver card or rip out an old driver board from a damaged desktop LCD. Unsure would you need the correct LVDS cable. There also a french website or forum that shows how to design a simple driver board using Analog ADC and some other logic gates. You would have search for that in google. The other alternative design your own driver board base
Itīs not what I want. This program captures pictures, but I need capture movies on desktop. Regards, +++
Hi all My print screen key on the keyboard have no effect when I press Printscreen no thing is happen and when I went to open GIMP and paste the photo that I have make Print screen for it no thing is happen. Please any one have any suggestion (Command Line , Program ,....) Note: My desktop is KDE Thanx
The desktop has nothing to do with EDA tools. Even you pick the lightweighted xface4 as you dm the tools should still work as well.
Dear all, I am running VNCSERVER for the cadence layout. I want to get the picture of my layout by screencut. The screencut could work for any kind of desktop except for VNCSERVER, it doesn't work at all. Thanks
FreeNote is a Windows application that lets you place virtual sticky notes around your desktop. What is the best place to write notes and memos on? Of course your PC desktop, where they are all visible at a glance. FreeNote lets you create a number of virtual sticky notes around your PC screen. FreeNote also offers the option to personalize (...)
Hi, I suggest you an USB scrolling display. This product should : - have an USB connection - display a message on a LED screen with scrolling effect - be parametrized by a PC We can imagine that the LED screen is big to be seen in the street for advertising, or that the screen is very small to put on your desktop, (...)