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I had seen most of the people uses external interrupt to detect roraty encoder outputs. But that method doesn't worked for me, and then i used timer interrupt and recorded the sequence of rotary encoder outputs and based on that i had done rest of the part.
Scan the input in timer interrupt with sufficient rate, e.g. 1 kHz, detect low-high transition by comparing with previous state.
Use PIR or high end motion sensor. detect moving object using PIR sensor which triggers External interrupt pin of MCU which in turn will call the code which operates the motors which open/close the Curtains. Curtain movement is done using motors or hydraulic system?
Hi Im Trying To Build An NEC Decoder. I Connected A TSOP1738 To interrupt 0 pin (P3.2) Of 8051. To Make The Port as An Input I Made it High TSOP1738 Too Is In High Normally And Goes Low When It Receives IR Pulse. Any How The P3.2 Remains Always High. How Can I detect Incoming Of Pulse. Bit Confusing To Me Can Anybody Help. (Hope Am (...)
You have to use interrupt on some pins and you have to set it for detect high to low transition. It will be mentioned in the Datasheet's interrupt section.
hi, i want to know how to detect edge detection using pic18f4520 by using C language? i want to use this for my project. So kindly reply back soon .... thank u :)
Hi all, I'm using PIC16f1938. I have an issue with interrupt on change. I use RB2 pin to detect the external edge(rising and falling edge). Here is code: ANSB2 = 0; PEIE = 1; TRISB2 = 1; //RB2 is input WPUB2 = 1; //Enabled pull-up IOCIF = 0; //Clear flag interrupt On-Change (...)
sbit input=P2^0; bit flag; main() if(!input) flag=1; if(flag&&input) {//this is for rising edge //do action on rising edge flag=0; } ---------- Post added at 10:55 ---------- Previous post was at 10:27 ---------- hi all i want to detect proxy output any p
Hi, You have two different interrupts available on Port B. RB0 which can detect the signal change / transision from high to low or low to high and is reported by the INTF bit. RB4-7 can detect a change of state from 1 to 0 or 0 to 1 on any of those 4 bits and is reported by RBIF. Not aware that the ISR can tell you which of (...)
You can put output from encoder to interrupt pin and detect state change. So you can meassure time between pulses to get rpm and use PID algorithm for motor speed control. You can also put timer on overflow on 1/10s and count number of pulses in that time period to calculate RPM. In this manner you will have time delay of 1/10s for feedback (...)
Consider implementing an interrupt driven bit-banged serial I/O subsystem to supplement your hardware USART module. As funnynypd mentioned, you don't have to poll the pins. Simply use interrupt-on-change (IOC) on the RX pin to detect the start bit leading edge then use Timer 2 interrupts (...)
Hi everyone, I need to used one of the interrupt pins for detecting a USB connection on a AT91SAM7 MCU. But, this would mean that I had to sacrifice one of the IRQ pins which is valuable. Is there any other method to do this? Because this pin will allow me to enable the pull-up on the USB+ signal line and (...)
You can use phase control methods, by using external interrupt pin to detect the zero crossing of AC source, then start to make the phase control signal at this point, also you can plus the PID controller to control it.
Hello guys, I need to detect an external edge transition input in the PIC 16F877A in the port C4. Is there any command that detects edge transition in CCS compiler? Thanks!!!
T2EX pin can be only used to detect 1-to-0 transition .. If you need to detect 0-to-1 transition put the incomming signal through inverter .. Set EXEN2 to 1 and enable TIMER2 interrupt .. Each 1-to-0 transition on T2EX pin will activate TIMER2 interrupt .. But .. If you can, connect (...)
Hi, Correct. You generate the pulses by delay routines and detect them by interrupt and counting the time between two interrupts with an internal timer. This way you can do other processing jobs between the receiving of IR pulses. Paul.
can anyone tell me how to use the counter of pic16f877 to detect pwm output sensor (accelerometer) to pic input??