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in order to measure the radiation pattern of an antenna both the antenna should be of same polarization. 1. how to determine the polarization of the antenna. can you tell by looking at an antenna. 2. if in datasheet it's written only linear then which type of (...)
"Detect" means just receive or specifically determine the polarization? You'll receive the wave with any loop plane parallel to wave propagation direction.
Hello, Please I need to know how I can determine the E plane And H plane to plot the radiation pattern of an antenna simulated with ADS? For the radiation pattern, some articles provide the E theta and E phi for the XY XZ YZ planes/ or the E-plane, H plane /or the co-polarization and cross-polarization. For the (...)
Hello! I am designing reflect array antenna in HFSS. I have few questions 1)I have no idea how to determine the CO/Cross polarization Patterns in E and H plane? 2)Also I want to know that how to determine the polarization of your antenna? 3)How to Plot Gain Vs frequency in (...)
Hello how to determine the polarization of an antenna by simulation???????????? I'm so confused :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:
dear all i formed the antenna with no ground plane on bottom side, and I got good S11 after add a patch beside a feedline can you determine what kind of this antenna, what a patch beside the feed can be called? thank you
Hi all, I got some question on the polarization of antenna. I know my question is quite long but i really need some help for determine my simulation result. 1. How to identify E plane and H-Plane? E plane =(sweep theta while phi=90), H plane= ( sweep theta while phi=0) 2. How to plot E field in X direction and Y direction? I need to (...)
currently im doing a single-fed EM coupled ring resonator.. only focusing in Circular polarization..i have the difficulty in determine whether my design in CP o LP... some said to determine whether is CP 1. find the axial ratio...but in my case..the value in at 7dB..thus my design in not CP?? 2. by just looking design fulfill the
can any one help me to determine the co-cross polarization characteristics in view of AXIAL RATIO from the attached .pat file of a monopole microstrip antenna.
Hi, May I know how to determine the simulated antenna in CST whether it is horizontal or vertical polarization, LHCP or RHCP ? Thanks. Hi, may be: After you calculate Farfield, there is "Axial Ratio" ( ). But I dont know, if your question correct.... What is polarization
hi..anyone here know how to determine whether the antenna is perfectly circular polarized or elliptical..can someone explain more about this.. thnx..
thank u for the reply .................... i 'm also srching for the same.. Can u tell me ..if ihave two different type of antenna how can i determine cross polarization beetween the two?
this may sound to be simple but there is some confusion regarding polarization status of antennne in CST. 1:how to determine that antenna is linearly polarized or circular or elliptical? 2: if its linear then how to determine whether its vertical polarized or horizontally polarized? 3: if its circular or elliptical (...)
Hi, are there any simple theory to explain that how to determine the single-feed microstrip antenna RH- or LH- circular polarization? Thanks.
Hello everyone, does someone know how GainPhi and GainTheta are calculated (roughly)? I want to determine the electrical field strength (in dBi) for both cross- and co-polarization for all three planes of different antenna designs. Any help is appreciated.
i want to design a circular polarization microstrip antenna at 2.4G band,are there any free software to calculate the size of the patch and the feed position.can anyone help me? thanks in advance
im quite new to antena world, what i could understand is the polarization of antenna. I have trouble understanding it. eg if im designing patch microstrip antenna hw do i determine the polarization of antenna whether circular or else. Can any one explain in simple way for me to get it as the (...)
hw to determine the polaziraion of our antenna before design?