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I know that we can control the output connected to the 8051 ports through mobile by interfacing DTMF decoder 8870 with 8051 .....but can i get information of some inputs connected to the 8051 to my mobile by interfacing any other device with 8051??..... if yes ,please help me out by informing about that (...)
then use spp bluetooth device start writing code for mcu and java aps for mobile
control module can be used for control by the Internet. It can operate with a home made control and alarm system with notification by a mobile phone. Command the status change of a device with specified number (from 01 to 99) causes sending the appropriate command by the ou
Instead of expensive and difficult to buy systems for voice control, a simple mobile phone was used in this device. Kay components of the voice control is Atmega8 and Sony Ericsson K700. The main advantage of K700 in this case is
how will your device connect to the internet ?? via ethernet, wireless or through a GSM mobile phone ?? In any case you have to first solve this problem first, ethernet and wireless both need a TCP/IP stack, without which your device cannot connect to the ADSL/wireless router.. then again this will depend on how the router (...)
a UART is the serial interface device used in computer system, see Serial and UART Tutorial also have a look at SPI is a protocol used for communication between a microcontroller and devices such as EE
Hi to all. I m computer science student. my final project is "device control using mobile phone" Please send me circuit diagram how to connect t290i to at89c51 using max 232. please help me my project submission date is 30th of Augest 2009. Please also tell me how I check that this model is support at commands. Thanks in (...)
Hi to all. I am student of BSCS and i m doing a project " device control using mobile phone sms". please help me if any one have done this project or project like this please email me "". I am using atml 89c51 microcontrolar. Thanks in advance May U live long.......................... (...)
some body has responded to my post before that i you can send numbers rather than voice.i think he can't understand me. Here is the problem. I have mobile phone , i will send sms for instance "switch on motor " to the wired telephone connected to microcontroller .Can the wired telephone recieve this sms (...)
i am doing a project on controlling a device by sms.The procedures i need to follow are i will send sms message from my phone to the mobile connected to 8051 micro controller ,the micro controller send signals to devices connected to it to control (...)
Can i make the cellular phone device to be used for communication without the SIM card. I want to use it in the (FM) range to communicate with my friend without using the cellular system.
I think this is what you need: Tiny Planet: a planet-wide, wireless I/O port, a joint project with AVR guru Claudio Lanconelli: Tiny Planet is small device connected to a GSM cell phone. When the mobile receives a predefined SMS (text message), like "Activate burglar alarm" or "Start backu