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Thank you BigBoss But it's sure the model is 100% measurement based valid model. But let me add this also that although the device is unconditionally stable over whole frequency range but it's stability factor "mu" is just slightly bigger that 1, like 1.01 and like that. So regarding that these stability factors I mean "mu"
Check this Wiki article, then you're welcome back with concrete questions!
Check the BSIM Manuals for noise and its modeling. Here are the noise parameters used in the BSIM6 models: 125936
You can't get a real analog output because 74LS04 is a digital part without an analog model. Review PSPICE user guide section Digital device modeling. Certain analog parameters like output resistance or switching time can be modelled however. If you connect the logic device to an analog circuit, the output level is ruled by the DIGPOWER and
Hi, you may find this thread useful -
Hello Everyone This is my first post. I wanted to know what are the real applications of modeling (or extracting) s-parameters from a transmission line using the telegraph equations and its characteristic impedance. I saw a few papers, all of them talk about measure the s-parameters using reflectometers and then use that parameters for des
I am searching NMOS modelling dimensions for silvaco atlas. How can I decide dimensions of NMOS device Structure? e.g. if 0.25 micron gate length device having how much doping regions , electrodes regions source/drain regions dimension suggest book , websites and souce where can I found it.. Please , help me...........
That all depends on how your modeling folks constructed the models. Some make {nf=} parallel FETs and some do the math and write a single device line with appropriate geometry detail. Point being, Spectre does not necessarily know about fingers. You'd have to look at the final netlist to make that call. All the computing power in the world does n
Hi guys, I am very new to this topic, so I would like to know what is the standard procedure for extracting the parameters of a compact model that describes the behaviour of a MOS-like devices? Supposing to have: -Few sample wafers with devices from a very new technology, with different L, W, W/L,... -The mathematical formulation of Id as
Hello All; I just have a small question i have an access to synopsys sentaurus but it wasnt enough info for a beginner user to start with is it possible to draw the structure in friendly matter trying to avoid any coding thank you much
hi, i would like to do noise analysis of INA129 using Multisim. i checked the pspice model but it does not include any information about noise modeling. I found noise model included in Analog device ICs but in Texas Instrument IC s they are not present. So my question is : 1. if i do noise analysis using this ic (INA129) it will mean nothing ri
Hello Everyone, It has been a long time since I have tried to do thermal modeling, but the last time I tried it, I had to re-model my entire device manually in the FEA tool. I am hoping to find something a lot more automated. I know there are a lot of tools out there, but I am not sure they are what I need. Most thermal simulation tools seem to
I have not used it myself, but the foundries I work with use Agilent IC-CAP for their device modelling work.
Conventional modelling takes a standard model into account and defines model parameters by measurements/computations. X-Parameters are behavioural nonlinear representation of linear/nonlinear devices and they are not related to any certain models.They consist of mathematical equations that emulate the nonlinear behaviour of active devices.They can
It is a device for starting internal combustion modeling engines. The device is portable, so you do not have to carry the modeling box when refueling and restarting the model. There is a possibility of simultaneous c
Go to analogLib, open a device that you think makes sense (like a nmos) and save-as to your own library. Then open and edit its graphics and properties to suit yourself, after that edit its CDF if you want to add params or whatever. At the end of the day it's still a FET - just smaller and less "ideal", wanting more work at the modeling level an
Hi All, I would like to get started on semiconductor device modeling. It will be based on drift-diffusion model in which the continuity equation and Poisson's equation are solved self-consistently. Does anyone have a have an example script (such as Matlab script) of doing this? It can be as simple as modeling the IV of a PN diode. It (...)
BF would be equal to beta in datasheet. You have choose a value in between from a range in datasheet. It's difficult to directly map all datasheet parameters to model parameter. I would recommend using Model editor for parameter extraction. Other approach could be to find existing model for a device closest to the one you are trying to model and tw
Not qualified devices might be referred to the device without test-key monitoring.
Hi all, For a Double Gate MOSFET, the width b/w 2 gates is known as Wsi. If I increase Wsi from 20 nanometers(nm) to 40, the gate loses control over channel and I can not deplete the is logical to think, as the distance b/w 2 gates (Wsi) increases, it is harder for the gate to maintain control in the center of the channel (farthest from